Sam Heller IROC Classic Race Results

By: Wenner Media Group

Sam Heller IROC Classic Saturday, January 30, 2021 Race Results

Little T’s Speedway, Myerstown, PA

30 Racers attended the race and competed in the 4 scheduled IROC Races.

Tom Wenner and Randy Jay Haydt opened the event at 945am with sponsor support and race direction. The group was split into 2 groups rotating between 2 tracks at the same time.

Up 1st – MAHOPRA IROC Races using the Roger Porcelli RPMS Porsche 917’s on the Randy’s Raceway Tub and Hiester’s Raceway IROC Races using the Hiester’s Tyco 440×2 Custom Painted Wingless Sprints on the Little T’s Speedway 24′ AFX/Tomy Oval.

At 1230p once both groups completed the twin races, A lunch break was held. Race Sponsor Justino’s Pizza in Newmanstown, PA provided Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza for all racers to enjoy. After the lunch break was completed we went back to another split in groups for the 2nd half of the racing action.

2nd Set of Races – Little T’s Speedway IROC Races using the Little T’s Speedway Wizzard Hot Stock Tyco 440×2 cars with the Custom Freddy Mac Coupe Bodies. Running opposite the group was the ECHORR prepped IROC Tjet Indy Cars racing on the Little T’s Speedway 24′ AFX/Tomy Oval.

The race format provided 4 individual races and we awarded individual awards for each 4 races. Master Race Control Randy Jay Haydt kept an overall point system for all 4 races and the promotional team awarded an overall point champion and 2nd & 3rd place.

Here are the Individual Race Results:

The Slamurai Sam Heller MAHOPRA IROC Race Results

Winner: Roger Porcelli

2nd – Dan Wirfel

3rd – Jim Levan

4th – James Hammershock

5th – Matt Light

6th – Freddy Mac

7th – Mike Fitzgerald

8th – Mark Heller

9th – Mike M.

10th – Jim Singer

11th – Sheldon Hiester

12th – Derek Scheafer

13th – Shane Hiester

14th – Brian Vanbuskirk

15th – Kris Keiper

16th – Chris Brubacher

17th – Nick Wummer

18th – Brian Sponagle

19th – Mr. Who

20th – Shawn B.

21st – Bill Brenner

22nd – Bear

23rd – Tim K.

24th – Eric Beard

25th – Bill Waugh

26th – Louden Reimert

27th – Kyle W.

28th – Tommy Hiester

The Slamurai Sam Heller Classic ECHORR Tjet Indy Car Results

Winner: Jim Levan

2nd – Brian Sponagle

3rd – Sheldon Hiester

4th – Freddy Mac

5th – Chris Brubacher

6th – Derek Scheafer

7th – Shane Hiester

8th – Dan Wirfel

9th – Roger Porcelli

10th – Shawn B.

11th – Bill Waugh

12th – Mike M.

13th – Mark Heller

14th – Matt Light

15th – Bear

16th – Brian Vanbuskirk

17th – Louden Reimert

18th – Mike Fitzgerald

19th – Little T- Tim Bowers, Jr.

20th – Jim Singer

21st – Kris Keiper

22nd – Bill Brenner

23rd – Eric Beard

24th – Tommy Hiester

25th – Mr. Who

26th – Kyle W.

27th – James Hammershock

28th – Nick Wummer

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller IROC Classic Little T’s Speedway Coupe Race Results

Winner: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Little T – Tim Bowers, Jr.

3rd – Jim Levan

4th – Mike Fitzgerald

5th – Freddy Mac

6th – Matt Light

7th – Shane Hiester

8th – Bill Waugh

9th – Bear

10th – Nick Wummer

11th – Mike M.

12th – Louden Reimert

13th – Roger Porcelli

14th – Mark Heller

15th – Brian Sponagle

16th – Shawn B.

17th – Turbo Dan Wirfel

18th – Eric Beard

19th – Derek Scheafer

20th – Tommy Hiester

21st – Bill Brenner

22nd – Jim Singer

23rd – Mr. Who

24th – James Hammershock

25th – Chris Brubacher

26th – Brian Vanbuskirk

27th – Kyle W.

28th – Kris Keiper

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller IROC Classic Hiester’s Raceway Wingless Sprint Car Race Results

Winner: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Little T – Tim Bowers, Jr.

3rd – Mike Fitzgerald

4th – Derek Scheafer

5th – Mike M.

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Louden Reimert

8th – Freddy Mac

9th – Matt Light

10th – Mark Heller

11th – Bear

12th – Dan Wirfel

13th – Shawn B.

14th – Bill Brenner

15th – Eric Beard

16th – Jim Levan

17th – Brian Sponagle

18th – Tommy Hiester

19th – Brian Vanbuskirk

20th – Bill Waugh

21st – Chris Brubacher

22nd – Mr. Who

23rd – Jim Singer

24th – Nick Wummer

25th – James Hammershock

26th – Roger Porcelli

27th – Kris Keiper

28th – Kyle W.

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller Classic Overall Points

Point Champion: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Jim Levan

3rd – Freddy Mac

4th – Mike Fitzgerald

5th – Matt Light

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Mike M.

8th – Dan Wirfel

9th – Derek Scheafer

10th – Mark Heller

11th – Roger Porcelli

12th – Brian Sponagle

13th – Mike Feltenberger

14th – Shawn Barlthaser

15th – Louden Reimert

16th – Bill Waugh

17th – Chris Brubacher

18th – Jim Singer

19th – Brian Vanbuskirk

20th – Bill Brenner

21st – Nick Wummer

22nd – James Hammershock

23rd – Eric Beard

24th – Mr. Who

25th – Tommy Hiester

26th – Kris Keiper

27th – Kyle Wilbert

28th – Tim Kendil

Congrats to all of the racers who competed in our event. We hope that you enjoyed racing in the event.