Shane Hiester Collects 1st Cup Championship

This years NASCAR season was another action packed and competitive season. Running on all 3 tracks during the season you had to be on your game each and every week. That was Shane Hiester this year, as he scored 4 wins, including 3 straight to end the year on way to his 1st Cup title at Randy’s Raceway. Shane also was a top 5 finisher in his other 5 starts. Congrats to Shane on this title, as well as winning the IROC and Sportsmen titles. The 9 race season was not enough to separate Jim Levan and Sheldon Hiester as they finished tied for 2nd in the final standing. Jim scored back to back mid season wins, along with 7 other top 5 finishes. Sheldon Hiester also turned in all Top 5’s, including 3 2nd place finishes. Look for Sheldon to get that 1st Cup win next year. The tiebreaker went to Jim as he scored 2 feature wins. Randy Haydt started off the season with 2 wins, then scored 2 other Top 5 finishes to claim a solid 4th place finish. Rounding out the Top 5 was Billy Decker who turned in a consistent campaign with an early season 2nd place finish, and 4 other top 5 finishes to round out the “FASTEST 5”.

6 through 10 – 6th Mark Williams (1win) / 7th Scott Bender / 8th Toby Reinhard / 9th Tony Zappacosta / 10th Bob Amore.

Feature Winners:

Shane Hiester – 4  / Jim Levan – 2  /  Randy Haydt  – 2 / Mark Williams -1

Final Facts:

The final standing among the top5 showed how close the action was as Shane won the title by 30 points. There was a tie for 2nd, then only 11 points to the 4th place finisher and 15 points from 4th to 5th. Jim Levan scored at least 1 segment win in every Cup race, and had the most segments wins with 25 on the year. Good to see 12 different segment winners during the year. And 1st time segment winners this year were Tony Zappacosta and Cory Reinhard. Finally I can’t answer all the Phone calls and emails concerning when Mark Williams will debut that sharp purple Cup body next year. I will try to find out some info this summer.