Sheldon and Tom Hiester Winners of the PA Tyco Series Races 3 and 4

Races # 3 & 4 of the PA TYCO Series were run on Sunday January 18, 2015 at Randy’s Raceway in Kutztown, PA. The 1st Race of the twin bill was held on the 6 Lane Tricky Tri-Oval at Randy’s Raceway. The weather wasn’t kind to us at all so we had a small field of only 10 drivers for the events. Taking the victory on the Tri-Oval was Sheldon Hiester, who won 4 races on the day. Second went to Shane Hiester who won 2 segments on the day and ran well in all 6 of his races. Third went to Scott Bender who turned in his best run of the 2014 – 2015 Series to this point, and Scott won 2 races as well on the day. Fourth went to Randy Haydt making his 1st start of the season in the PA TYCO Series. Randy won 1 race on the day. Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Brian Sponagle, who won 1 race as well on the day. The rest of the top 10 ended up like this: 6-Billy Decker (1 win), 7-Tom Hiester (1 win), 8-Dennis Barlet, 9-Dakota Barlet, and 10-Denise Barlet. The racing on the Tri-Oval was fast and furious with many close races and some hard crashes too, along the way. After the first race was done on the Tri-Oval we took a break to eat some Domino’s Pizza which Randy picked up for us all to eat, so thanks again Randy for the food, hospitality and race tracks to race on. We would also like to thank everyone who decided to take the chance and venture out to race with the bad weather conditions, which kind of caught us off guard, or we may have changed things, but with Mother Nature you never know what is going to happen. We would also like to thank Denise Barlet and Billy Decker’s wife Linda for baking some great deserts to eat after we were done the pizza.
1-Sheldon Hiester 89.27
2-Shane Hiester 89.12
3-Scott Bender 88.12
4-Randy Haydt 87.14
5-Brian Sponagle 85.30
6-Billy Decker 85.27
7-Tom Hiester 85.24
8-Dennis Barlet 83.07
9-Dakota Barlet 80.09
10-Denise Barlet 63.08
After eating Race #2 of the day was held on the 8 Lane Oval, and taking the win on the 8 Lane oval was Tom Hiester, who won 5 races in the day capper. Second once again went to Shane Hiester who won 4 races in this portion of the double header. Third went to Brian Sponagle, who won 3 segments on his way to capping off a good day with 2 strong Top 5 runs. Fourth went to Sheldon Hiester who won 3 races on the day. Fifth went to Billy Decker who won 4 races in this portion of the event. The rest of the Top 10 ende up like this: 6-Randy Haydt (1 win), 7-Dakota Barlet (3 wins), 8-Scott Bender, 9-Dennis Barlet, and 10-Denise Barlet. With only 10 people we ran Lanes 1-4 and then ran Lanes 5-8 with the same rotation so we still ran all 8 lanes and added the total of the 8 for our final scores. It was a different format but kind of neat. It was good to have Denise Barlet almost pick up a segment win on lane 4 as she came up 3 track sections short of winning getting beat on the last lap by Shane Hiester coming off of the last turn. Brian Sponagle ran 2 strong races on both tracks and that is a good sign as he may be turning the corner with his modified program which will make him a future threat for a win which is what we are always looking for. Billy Decker had 2 solid runs in his 1st starts of the series this seas as well as Randy Haydt did too. Dennis and Dakota Barlet struggled a little bit as Dennis seemed to be lacking some horsepower come race time as the car looked quick on warm ups, and Dakota won a few segments throughout the day but as of the way he has been running lately, he showed some signs of struggle at the Kutztown Oval Tracks. Once again we would like to thank those who braved the not so good driving conditions to join us on Sunday and to those who didn’t want to take the chance on coming we are sorry and understand why you made the decision to stay home, and we wish we could have done something about it, but once we realized how the weather conditions were driving we probably would have postponed the race, but all the weather reports we watched before leaving said it would be fine here, but once again the weather people were wrong, but once we realized it was as bad as it was it was too late to cancel as people were already well on their way to Randy’s and a couple were there already by the time we left our house which it wasn’t raining and the ground was dry at our house when we left. We will post the date of the next series race once we set it and where it will be run at.

1-Tom Hiester 118.34
2-Shane Hiester 118.04
3-Brian Sponagle 117.16
4-Sheldon Hiester 116.32
5-Billy Decker 116.11
6-Randy Haydt 115.33
7-Dakota Barlet 114.28
8-Scott Bender 113.29
9-Dennis 111.01
10-Denise 105.10