The Wrap on Practice Night


by Mark Williams


Good to see some familiar faces at Randy’s Raceway on
tuesday for the annual
hot lap night the week before the season kickoff. 
Rumor has it that Randy
may be taking a vacation during the season.  Now if
he  can just be gone by
tuesday night things will be good in the world.  
All three tracks were open
for practice and dispute what Allen Iverson said
about practice we all need
it.  Billy can attest to that since Scott forgot
you are not suppose to
leave your box across the homestraight.   Double nub
takeout.  So glad Scott
came out of retirement a few years ago.   Watch for
a big crowd this week
for opening night.  Former Trooper PA track from the
is planning on sponsoring a night at the track later
this season.  Any
former racers from Woodland will be guaranteed starters in
a race to be
held.  More details will follow.