The Wrap Part 2

The 2007/2008 NASCAR season at Randy’s Raceway had 4 different feature
winners including a career first win in the double point show for
Bill Brenner.
by mark williams

Mark Williams used many differant cars to capture his first Nascar
Points Championship.  Williams never finished lower than 5th all season.  He
had 4 feature wins including the season finale, 4 seconds, 2 thirds, 1
fourth and 1 fifth.  Willaims also won 32 segments this year.
Week one saw the defending Nascar champion Ken Gilmore take the win in a
close one over Williams and he followed up in week two with a second in a
row, this time over his son Brett Gilmore.  Week three was the youngsters
turn as Brett took the win over Williams.  Weeks 4 and 5 went to Williams
with Monk second in both those shows.  Williams took his first win on his
birthday.  Week 6 saw Gilmore win again this time followed by Scott Bender
who was looking for his first Cup win.  Week 7 was the annual double point
show and veteran Bill Brenner won his first career win at the Berks speed
plant, taking the win on the 8 lane track and followed by Williams.  Week 8
began the string of either Kenny Gilmore or Mark Williams winning to close
out the season.  Second place finishers during that streach included Jim
Levan, Brett Gilmore, Sam Heller.  First time segment winners included Steve
Weinrich and Janet Light.  Kenny Gilmore won a season high 53 segments.  
Randy Haydt used consistant finishes all year to bag second in points, never
finishing below 7th and winning 14 segments.  Kenny Gilmore wound up third
in points.  Billy Decker looked fast all year long and came home a strong
4th in points winning 7 segments.  Bob Amore rounded out the top 5 in points
and won 13 segments and running his career total to 68.  Sixth through tenth
in points were Sam Heller, Scott Bender, Bruce Heller, Jim Levan and Brett
Gilmore.  Eleventh through twentieth were Travis MacArthur, Janet Light,
Bryanna Light, Steven Light, Eric Weinrich, Phil Levering, Randy McArthur,
Bill Brenner, Mike Wentzel, Todd Hamm and Steve Weinrich.

Career Cup Feature Winners
Kenny Gilmore 41
Randy Haydt 18
Mark Williams 13
Dave Richards 7
Brett Gilmore 6
Candi Pigeon 4
Rich Schmidt 4
Bob Amore 3
Rich Pigeon 2
Bill Brenner 1
Little T 1
Big T 1
Bob Zelano Jr 1

Career Cup Segment winners
Kenny Gilmore 321
Mark Willaims163
Randy Haydt 148
Dave Richards 100
Rich Pigeon 84
Brett Gilmore 80
Bob Amore 68
Candi Pigeon 64
Sam Heller 60
Little T42
Billy Decker 41
Rich Schmidt 41
Bobby Zelano Jr 32
Bob Zelano Sr 31
Jim Levan 30
Keith Arnold 16
Kyle Hoch 11
Mark Richards 10
Big T 6
Bill Brenner 4
Dustin Arnold 4
John Willman 2
Donnie Sheetz 1
James Reider 1
Alex Amore 1
Steve Weinrich 1
Janet Light 1