The Wrap Part 4

Six races were run this year in the IROC division.

by Mark Williams


Six races were run this year in the IROC division and Mark Williams became a
1st time Randy’s Raceway IROC Points Champion.  Williams had top 5 finishes
all season long including two wins.  Week one saw perenial champ Kenny
Gilmore take the win over Scott Bender who really started the season off
strong.  Week two was Williams first and Jim Levan a strong second.  Weeks
3, 5, and 6 were all won by Ken Gilmore with Mark Willaims winning in week 4
to really put a lock on the title.  Sam Heller had a pair of 2nds and also
wound up there in the final point standings.  Week 4 saw Bob Amore grab a
runnerup spot and he ended up 5th in points.  So the final standings went
M.Williams, S.Heller, R.Haydt, tie J.Levan, B.Amore. Seven drivers had 10 or
more segment wins.

Career Feature Wins
K.Gilmore       15
D.Richards       6
S.Heller         4
M.Williams       4
R.Haydt          2

Career Segment wins
K.Gilmore        81
S.Heller         55
M.Willams        54
R.Haydt          46
B.Amore          34
J.Levan          27
S.Bender         26
D.Richards       25
B.Decker         15
B.Zelano Sr      12
R.Pigeon         10
R.Schmidt         7
B.Gilmore         6
B.Heller          5
P.Levering        4
A.Amore           4
B.Zelano Jr       3
K.Hoch            3
C.Pigeon          3
R.Pyle            2
J.Heller          1
D.Arnold          1
B.Windle          1
S.Windle          1