The Wrap Part 5

Gilmore Continues Sprint Dominance

Kenny Gilmore won the Sprint Car championship yet again keeping his string
in tack.  He is the only driver to win the points and the Kutztown Nationals.
This year Gilmore won all 6 features and 35 segments.  Let’s talk about
the runner-ups.  Week one was Mark Williams who went on to 2nd in points as
well.  Williams won 9 segments and also had two other second place finishes.
Week two was Bob Amore in the second spot.  Amore wound up 4th in points
and won 2 segments.  Sam Heller was the runner-up in week three and also the
final show.  Even though he missed the first two races Heller was 7th in
points and won 9 segments.  Randy J was third in points and Bruce Heller
scored his best finish in a season point standings coming home 5th.