Tim “ Little T “ Bowers, Cory Reinhard Berks / Lebanon Series Winners

Little T 1st (center) Mark Williams 2nd (right) Sheldon Hiester (left)

The BLMRS got the green flag on Saturday at Tim ” Little T ” Bowers Speedway, a full field of 19 racers were in the pit area. The Big Block Mods got things started and Little T scored 5 segment wins to score the Opening Day win. It was Tim’s 3rd career BB win. Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins turning in a solid Runner Up finish. Only 9 pieces of track of the pace Sheldon Hiester also scored 2 segment wins to finish 3rd. Shane Hiester scored 4 segment wins on the outside lanes to finish 4th. John Kosmoski had a steady run scoring 1 segment win to finish out the Top 5. Just 1 piece of track behind Cory Reinhard scored 1 segment win finishing 6th. Randy Haydt scored 2 segment wins on lanes 5 & 6 was 7th. Toby Reinhard collected 3 segment wins to finish 8th. Dave Koehler had steady run to finish 9th. Ed Kenderdine scored 1 segment win to close out the Top 10.

11th – Savvy ( 2 wins ) / 12th Tom Wenner / 13th Scott Bender / 14th Matt Stabinger / 15th Billy Decker

Cory Reinhard Wins Small Block Main

Cory Reinhard 1st (center) Randy Haydt 2nd (right) John Kosmoski 3rd (left)

Cory Reinhard capped off the day scoring 5 segment wins on way to the win in the SB Opener. It was Cory’s 2nd career SB win. Only 21 pieces of track behind Randy Haydt scored 4 segment wins on the outer lanes to finish 2nd. Just 2 pieces of track off the pace John Kosmoski capped off a good day winning 4 segments to come home 3rd. Sheldon Hiester scored 1 segment win to finish 4th. Toby Reinhard collected 3 segment wins closing out the Top 5. Little T scored 1 segment win on way to a 6th place finish. Ed Kenderdine scored 3 segment wins to finish 7th. Shane Hiester was 8th, Tom Wenner scored 1 segment win was 9th. Scott Bender closed out the Top 10.

11th Savvy / 12th Matt Stabinger / 13th Wally Jabbs / 14th Randall Heilman / 15th Derrick Jabbs.


Good to have Wally and Derrick Jabbs making their 1st Berks Series starts, Wally also got his 1st segment win in the BB. Also good having Cameron Heilman with us. Dave Koehler had a good 9th place finish in the BBlock. Also good day for John K. with a 5th in the BBlock and 3rd in the SBlock. John had no fall offs in the SBlock main. Thanks to Tim and Rachel for their fine hospitality they provided.

All photos by: Scott Bender


Tom Wenners November 17, 2018. Warm ups at 12 noon racing at 1pm.