Tom Wenner and Brian Sponagle score IROC Feature Wins

Randy’s Raceway IROC Championship Night – Tuesday, March 15, 2022 – 8 Lane Oval Race Results

Tom Wenner and Brian Sponagle score IROC Feature wins while Michael Mackaravitz is crowned the 2022 Randy’s Raceway IROC Class Champion

Tuesday Night was the IROC Class Championship Night at Randy’s Raceway. A doubleheader on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval using vintage original Non-Magnatraction AFX Chevelle Stockers and vintage original Non-Magnatraction AFX Corvette IROC Sets. Both sets were tuned by the godfather of Tjets Hiram Durant and track master Randy Jay Haydt before the nights racing action. Michael Mackaravitz came into the final event with a solid 50 point lead over Randy Jay Haydt and 58 points over Brian Sponagle in 3rd.

Tom Wenner scored his 1st ’22 feature win of the season with a very close finish in the opening AFX Chevelle Stocker IROC Class. Tom won 2 of the 4 segments to secure the win by only 2 track sections. Jim LeVan finished 2nd just missing the win by 2 sections. Jim won 3 segments out of 4. Finishing in 3rd, Only 5 back from the win and 3 away from 2nd was Sheldon Hiester. Heister also won 2 of the 4 segments.

4th – Hiram Durant – Only 1 track section out of 3rd.

5th – Randy Jay Haydt – Only 5 track sections out of 4th

1st place to 5th place were separated by a mere 11 track sections

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Michael Mackaravitz

8th – Dave Kosch – 1 segment win

9th – Chris Brubaker

10th – Brian Sponagle – 1 segment win

11th – James Hammershock – 1 segment win

12th – Brian Vanbuskirk – 1 segment win

13th – Bill Decker – 1 segment win

Brian Sponagle scored the nightcap IROC feature win in a similar fashion. Spoons beat out the NJ Invader Dave Kosch by 2 track sections for the AFX Corvette IROC feature event win. Spoons won 2 of the 4 track segments to secure the win. Dave Kosch in only his 2nd appearance at Randy’s Raceway nearly pulled off the upset score. Spoons won with a 38-31, Kosch finished 2nd at 38-29. Chris Brubaker hit the podium for IROC race #2 with a strong Corvette run. Chris was only back 2 track sections from 2nd place and 4 from the race win. Top 3 were only separated by 4 track sections.

4th – Shane Hiester – 1 segment win

5th – Randy Jay Haydt

6th – Sheldon Hiester – 1 segment win

7th – Tom Wenner – 1 segment win

8th – Michael Mackaravitz – 2 segment wins

9th – Jim LeVan – 1 segment win

10th – Hiram Durant – 1 segment win

11th – Brian Vanbuskirk – 1 segment win

12th – James Hammershock – 1 segment win

13th – Bill Decker

’22 Randy’s Raceway IROC Class Final Points

Champion – Michael Mackaravitz – 1040

2nd Place – Randy Jay Haydt – 1000

3rd Place – Brian Sponagle – 994

4th – Jim LeVan – 984

5th – Shane Hiester – 966

6th – Sheldon Hiester – 966

7th – Brian Vanbuskirk – 863

8th – Chris Brubaker – 862

9th – James Hammershock – 818

10th – Matt Light – 731

IROC Feature Winners:

Michael Mackaravitz won 5 events

Brian Sponagle won 3 events

Jim LeVan won 1 event

Shane Hiester won 1 event

Jordan Hess won 1 event

Tom Wenner won 1 event

AFX Notes:

13 IROC Racers in the house. Once again, Close racing is the name of the game at Randy’s Raceway. Both races were decided by 2 track sections. 1st to 5th in the 2nd race were only 13 track sections. 1st to 5th in the 1st race were only 11 track sections. Incredible racing action for cars that are 51 years old. Who would think that original AFX Non-Magnatraction chassis would still perform at a competitive level. AFX Chevelle Stocker Bodies are 100% original and painted to match the lanes. The AFX Corvette are re-pops of the original body. Thanks to Hiram, Randy and Michael Mackaravitz for providing the cars and the tuning time on the track. Congrats to Michael Mackaravitz on his 2022 IROC Championship. Randy’s Raceway ECHORR St. Patty’s Day Race Weekend is this weekend. Cars, Controllers and Help are available if you want to come and enjoy a weekend of TJet racing action. Saturday is practice 12-500p. Sunday doors open at 800a and racing starts at 10a. Only 2 weeks left in the ’22 racing season. Mods & Sprints on the 8 Lane Oval. Championship Night for both classes. Matt Light is leading Modified points. Matt Light & Sheldon Hiester are tied for the Sprint Car Point Lead.

Next Week:

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Modified Racing on the 8 Lane Oval

Championship Night for Mods

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