Tri- Track Challenge 2010 Results

Sam Heller Wins 2 and Title, Shane Hiester
Wins 1

By Scott Bender

It was the 4th annual I R O C Tri-Track Challenge held at Randy’s
Raceway on Sunday and

veteran Sam Heller turned in 2 wins to win the overall Title, and became the new "MR IROC’

Race 1 ) Life Likes, Tri -Oval

Running 6 lap segments Sam Heller scored 3 segment wins on way to the win in the opener. Mark Williams scored 3 segment wins posting a runner up finish. Bob Amore notched 1 segment win finishing 3rd. Only 4 pieces of track behind, Brett Gilmore and Scott Bender finished tied for 4th, with Brett getting credit for 4th having won 1 more segment.

Race 2 ) Wizzard Storms, Short Track

Sam Heller again turned in a solid run winning 4 segments on way to win 2 of the 3 afternoon races. Shane Hiester turned in a good finish winning 2 segments on lanes 1 and 6 to finish 2nd. Brett Gilmore scored 2 segment wins on lanes 5 and 6 crossing the line in 3rd. Only 1 piece of track behind Bob Amore and Jim Levan tied for 4th with Bob winning 1 more segment to get 4th.
Intermission came and again Randy provided some great sandwiches, snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy.
Race 3 ) Tyco Pan-Chassis, 8 Lane Oval

Shane Hiester drew the #1 pill and drove away from the rest of the field winning 2 segments to capture the win in the closer. Drafting right behind was brother Sheldon Hiester scored 2 segment wins on lanes 6 and 7 to finish 2nd. Mark Williams won 2 segments on way to his 2nd top 3 finish of the day. Only 1 piece of track behind Sam Heller ran a consistent race coming home 4th. Closing out the top 5 Scott Bender won 2 segments, on way to a 5th place finish his 2nd of the day.

Order of Finish

1 ) Sam Heller 2wins with 7 segment wins  2 ) Shane Hiester 1 win with 4segment wins   3 ) Bob Amore   4 ) Sheldon Hiester  5 ) Mark Williams  6 ) Brett Gilmore  7 ) Jim Levan   8 ) Scott Bender  9 ) Billy Decker  10 ) Chuck Schaeffer.
Tri-Track Notes

Thanks again to Randy for organizing a fun afternoon of racing. Also thanks to Bob Amore for supplying bodies to everyone, and bodies to the top 3 finishers in each event and Kenny "Monk" Gilmore for running the races all day. Good to see 14 out of the 15 drivers won at least 1 segment. How about the improvements Randy made to the tracks!


Short Track


8 Lane


Overall Finish