by Mark Willaims

Mark Williams and Randy Haydt each won one of the IROC twin features on the
Tri oval on Tuesday night.

For Williams his 1 segment win over Bob Amore in
the first show was his fifth career IROC win.  Williams won 3 segments in
the Lifelike cars and Amore won 2 segments to come home a close second. 
Third spot went to Randy J followed by Billy Decker and Jim Levan.  In the
nightcap Randy Haydt scored career win number 3 in the IROC class after
winning 1 segment in the Tuff One cars.  Second spot went to the defending
IROC points winner Mark Williams who won 2 segments.  Third was Parkerfords
Phil Levering who won all three of the outside lanes.  Billy Decker added
another fourth place run followed by Jim Levan in fifth.

IROC IDEAS and Other Stuff
It is great to hear that Monk is on the winner board this year.  Over the
weekend he won both the Berks County Modified show at Randy’s as well as the
Tyco show at RMS on Sunday.  How can we have an IROC show without Mr IROC? 
Don’t forget that the next big Modified show is sponsered by Ted and Lincoln
VanPelt and it will be Red Bull night.  Did anyone figure out how Randy won
that second IROC feature?  Correction-  Scott Bender’s career Cup segments
was omitted from the Wrap up over the summer.  He has 9 career Cups segments
prior to this season.