Triple Crown Memorial Series Points

Triple Crown Memorial Series Scores

Brian Sponagle and Shane Hiester Split the Randy’s Raceway Doubleheader

Randy’s Raceway Race Results from Tuesday, January 11th

By: Wenner Media Group

Brian Sponagle and Shane Hiester split the Randy’s Raceway Coupe Modified & IROC Doubleheader

Brian Sponagle or as everybody calls him “Spoons” drove the Team Haydt to a strong Coupe Modified feature win. Spoons won 5 of the 6 segments on the tricky Tri-Oval on the way to his win. Spoons was able to break the strong hold on the Tri-Oval victory lane from Shane Hiester. Shane was nearly unbeatable this year to date on Tri-O racing action. [Read more…]

Veteran Road Racer Jim Levan Scores an Impressive Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Feature Win

Randy’s Raceway Race Results from Tuesday, December 7, 2021
By: Wenner Media Group
🏁Veteran Road Racer Jim Levan scores an impressive Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Feature Win🏁
Randy’s Raceway hosts only a few Road Races on the Original Aurora Tub Track each season. 🏆 When these races are held, You will also find Jim LeVan near the top of the finish order. Jim has scored road racing wins on the Randy’s Raceway Tub Track the last 3 consecutive seasons. Jim and promoter/owner Randy Jay Haydt, another road race ace battled lane by lane for the feature win. Jim scored only 1 segment win but scored the win 11 track sections. Randy Jay Haydt scored 2 segment wins in his strong run for 2nd place. Mike Fitzgerald had a strong run on the tub to hit the podium this week. Congrats to Fitzie. Mike scored 2 segment wins in his run to 3rd place.
4th- Brian Sponagle – 2 segment wins
5th – Shane Hiester – 3 segment wins
6th – Sheldon Hiester – 3 segment wins
7th – Matt Light
9th – Tom Wenner – 1 segment win
10th – Bill Decker
11th – Ed Kenderdine
12th – Brian VanBuskirk
13th – Jordan Hess
14th – Bill Waugh
Tubbie Chatter:
14 in the pits for the Sam Heller Memorial. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a fun night. Special Thanks to the Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Sponsors for their time and efforts – Sean Moneypenny, Fred McCullough, Randy Jay Haydt, Bill Decker – We gave away 8 sets of Car Stands and 1 full ready TYCO Nascar. We could not do this without the great sponsors of the hobby, Thank You guys! – 👊. Congrats to John Kosmoski for winning the Billy Decker built, Freddy Mac Painted TYCO Nascar. Please keep a watch for round 3 of the Memorial Triple Crown Series coming soon. We will honor our friend Bob Amore. The Bob Amore Memorial will be raced on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval.
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Next Up:
December 14th
TYCO Modified Racing
Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval
Doors Open @ 545p
Practice @ 600p
Racer Draw @ 650p
Racing Action @ 700p

Sheldon Hiester Scores a Popular TYCO Modified Feature Win

Randy’s Raceway Race Results from Tuesday, December 14, 2021
By: Wenner Media Group
🏁 Sheldon Hiester scores a popular TYCO Modified Feature Win on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval 🏁***
🏆 Sheldon won 2 segments on Tuesday night in a strong run from the 8th starting spot to secure the feature win. Sheldon and Shane Hiester returned to Randy’s Raceway for 20th season of racing action and they are certainly bringing the heat each week. Both of the boys have won several feature wins in the 1st half of the 20th season of racing action. Finishing in 2nd, Mr. Spoons – Brian Sponagle with 4 segment wins in a strong run to the podium. Wrapping up our podium spot, Michael Mackaravitz in 3rd with 4 segment wins on the night. Michael Mackaravitz was only 2 track pieces out of 2nd place.
4th – Shane Hiester – 1 segment win
5th – Matt Light – 2 segment wins
6th – Jordan Hess – 1 segment win
7th – Randy Jay Haydt
8th – John Kosmoski
9th – Mike Feltenberger
10th – Bill Decker
11th – Jim LeVan
12th – James Hammershock – 1 segment win
13th – Brian VanBuskirt
14th – Joel Laudenslager
15th – Greg Leedy

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Sheldon Hiester Scores a Strong TYCO Modified Feature Win

Randy’s Raceway Modified Race Results from Tuesday, November 30, 2021

By: Wenner Media Group

Sheldon Hiester scores a strong TYCO Modified feature win on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval

Randy’s Raceway racing action returned to the famed 8 Lane Oval and Veteran Racer Sheldon Hiester scored a strong feature event win over the talented 18 car field. The 8 lane racing action for this event was run on lanes #3 to #8. Sheldon Hiester certainly had his TYCO Modified running well as he claimed 4 of the 6 segments as victories. Michael Mackaravitz staked claim to 2nd place in a very strong run as well. Mike’s car was flying early in the night as he also won 4 of the 6 segments raced. Mike was contender for the feature win, But a poor run on lane 8 took him out of race for the feature win. Finishing in 3rd place, Tom Wenner with 2 segment wins. This is the 3rd consecutive podium spot for Tom in 21′. [Read more…]

2021 – 2022 Schedule

Randy Jay Haydt and Mike Fitzgerald are feature event winners on week

 #3 of the FUN themed season.

8 drivers in the house for week #3 of FUN themed racing. Once again racing 3-4-5-6 lanes on the 8 lane oval. NASACR and Race 1 in the IROC Series. Great job by everyone sharing the duties in completing the race night by 815p. NASCAR was up 1st,

Randy Jay Haydt   was on his game winning the feature by 5 segments over Tom Wenner.   Jim LeVan was strong winning 3 segments and only behind 2nd by 4 segments and the win by 9 segments. We have seen some of the tightest racing in years this season.

NASCAR Tyco 440×2 Winner – Randy Jay Haydt

2nd – Tom Wenner

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Michael Mackaravitz

5th – James Hammershock

6th – Mike Fitzgerald

7th – Bill Decker

8th – Randy Heilman

IROC Series – Race #1 Tyco US #1 Dump Trucks

Winner – Mike Fitzgerald

2nd – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Tom Wenner

5th – Michael Mackaravitz

6th – James Hammershock

7th – Randy Heilman

8th – Bill Decker


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Randy’s Raceway Season Notice

Hi to all Racers,
After a good bit of thought and a reflection of previous years I believe that we all have had a part in the existence of Randy’s Raceway. Especially for what it has become today created by all of you, a fun and enjoyable place to race. As we look to the future we are being forced to consider handling things a bit outside of the box for everyone. The Corona virus is affecting everyone in many different ways, I am being challenged with the burden of making some extremely difficult decisions regarding our season in front of us. Some of the challenges that I am facing, Will it still be fun and enjoyable if people feel uncomfortable or excluded in one way or another to race at Randy’s Raceway. The answer is NO. With that said, I am very sorry to announce that Randy’s Raceway Summer Schedule, Banquet, Driver’s Meeting and the 2020 – 2021 Season is postponed until further notice. There will be a time when we can resume this great hobby in the near future having better conditions to enjoy our friendship and passion for racing HO scale slot cars. I truly hope you understand my decision and everyone please stay safe and healthy.
Randy Jay Haydt
Randy’s Raceway

Modified Final Points 2019 – 2020