Modified Final Points 2019 – 2020

IROC Final Points 2019 – 2020

To All Racers and Friends of Randy’s Raceway

After great consideration we have decided that our season has come to a conclusion.  We are a slot car racing club and extended family.  And such as it is we have all our members to consider from our newest born to our older racers.  We need to take the current situation seriously and as much as we love the hobby and we all miss racing, these are unforeseen times.  This message is not all doom and gloom though, when this state of emergency is over and we are given an all clear let’s have a banquet, truck race, celebration of Wyatt and a blow out party for all to enjoy.

With deep respect and a wish for everyone’s health to be good.

Randy’s Raceway

Sprint Car Scores 2019 – 2020

Sprint Car Final Points 2019 – 2020

Modified Scores 2019 – 2020



NASCAR Final Points 2019 – 2020

NASCAR Scores 2019 – 2020

IROC Scores 2019 – 2020

4th Race of Tri Track Racing

The Fourth and Final Race for this season will be held on Sunday February 9th with Practice at 10 and racing at 11. Hiester’s H O Raceway will be the site.