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Sheldon Hiester Scores Berks Series Win


It was the final race of the season for the BLMRS on Saturday at Randy’s Raceway.  Before a season high of 21 racers, Sheldon Hiester scored 4 segment wins on way to a 1 lap win. Mark Williams had a strong start winning his 1st 4 segments turning in a strong 2nd place finish. Making his 1st start in the Berks Series Mike Fitzgerald scored 3 segment wins holding on to a close 3rd place finish. Just 4 pieces of track behind Scott Bender scored 1 segment win, his 2nd Top5 finish this year was 4th. Cory Reinhard scored 1 segment win holding on for a close 5th place finish.

Berks / Lebanon Racers at Their Best

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Brian Sponagle Scores Close Modified Win

Brian Sponagle scored his 1st Modified win of the year Tuesday night on the Tri-Oval. “Spoons” scored 3 segment wins including a win on lane 1 on way to the win. It was an “Epic” battle among the Top 3. Point Leader Mark Williams scored 4 segment wins trailing Brian by only 2 pieces of track at the finish line. Scott Bender scored 2 segment wins and trailed Mark by only 2 pieces of track and Brian by 6, to come home with a 3rd place finish. Only 1 lap behind Randy Haydt had a strong run winning 2 segments on lanes 1 & 3 to finish 4th. John Kosmoski had a steady run winning 2 segments to close out the Top 5.

6th Cory R ( 1 win ) / 7th Tom W ( 2 wins ) / 8th Jim L ( 2 wins ) / 9th Billy D / 10th Adam Z ( 2 wins ).

Caution Flags:

Close racing on the Tri-Oval top 4 were separated by 1 lap and 6 pieces of track. Another full pit area with 21 racers. Good run for Tom Wenner finishing 7th winning 2 segments. Also for Tony Z getting his 1st segment win and a 13th place finish. Welcome to the 3 new racers James, Mike and Kris running well for the first time on the tricky Tri-Oval. Next week Sprint car racing returns to the 8 lane.

Berks / Lebanon 2018 – 2019 Season Schedule


Deadpool Races Slot Cars at ECHORR Event

We had an unexpected visitor at our ECHORR track during Sunday’s toy show in New Jersey. Deadpool decided to stop by and check out the race track. After watching for a while he later shouted “ALL RIGHT RACERS WHO WANTS TO RACE DEADPOOL ?” Well needless to say the racers at the track were excited. A five lap crash and burn was decided and the four racers were ready at the track. The race started and unfortunately Deadpool was off the track at the second turn. He was told he was out of the race, but his reply was that he can regenerate and should be able to keep going. Not to argue with Deadpool he was put back on the track but still lost the race. The winner was racing in the yellow lane. High fives were given by Deadpool to all the competitors in the race and no heads were severed. ( this time ) 

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Sprint Car Final Points 2017 – 2018