Mark Williams “ SWEEPS “ to First Modified Win

It was race 2 of the Modified season and Mark Williams rebounded from a bad Opening Day on way to a convincing “sweep” to score his 1st Modified win. Last weeks Sprint car winner Cory Reinhard turned in a solid 2nd place run, winning 4 segments. Randy Haydt had a steady night scoring 1 segment win to finish 3rd. Less than 1 lap behind Tom Wenner continued his strong early season, winning 2 segments to finish 4th. Opening day winner Scott Bender finished 5th.

6th Mike Feltenberger / 7th Savvy ( 1 win ) / 8th Tim ” Little T ” Bowers ( 1 win ) / 9th Lauden Seigfried / 10th Jim LeVan.


With a strong field of 19 racers want to thank everyone for keeping the night moving with the final race ending before 9pm. Good having Mike “ Bear “ Feltenberger and Tim ” Little T ” Bowers back in the field making their 1st start of the year. Happy Birthday to Jody later this week, and thanks to Larry Sanders for the cake he bought.

NASACR racing returns to the Tri-Oval next week along with a IROC show.

Scott Bender Wins Modified Opener

It was the season opener for the Modifieds Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway and Scott Bender scored 1 segment win and had all lead lap finishes to post a close win. TCS Racing showed it will be a force all season as Savannah Cunnius scored 3 segment wins turning in a career best 2nd place finish. Randy Haydt  had a fast “Chucky” machine as he scored 3 segment wins finishing 3rd. A “TORRID” battle for the 4th spot, a 3 way tie including Cory Reinhard, Toby Reinhard and Brian “ Spoons “ Sponagle. Cory getting credit for the 4th spot with 5 segment wins. Toby and Spoons tied with one segment win each so the tie breaker then goes to fall offs. Toby takes 5th with 9 fall offs and “Spoons ” 6th with 12 fall offs. Ed Kenderdine was 7th with 1 segment win. John Kosmoski 8th with 1 win, 9th Billy Decker and 10th Jim Levan with 1 win.


Have to check the record books to see if we have ever had a 3 way tie ? 17 racers were in the pit area. Great start of the Modified season for TCS racing with 3 Top 5’s and 9 segment wins. Tough night for Mark Williams who had pinion and rear gear issues all night. Sprint Car Opener next week.

Randy Haydt Bags NASCAR Point Title

A good year of NASCAR Cup racing this year as the point title went down to the final race of the season with Randy Haydt holding off Mark Williams by 4 points to claim the title. Randy scored 4 wins including a strong  2nd half of the season that included 3 wins and a 3rd place finish on the final night to claim the title. Randy collected 24 segment wins and had a win on the Road Course. Good year for Mark Williams as he won the Opener and the season final race, had the most segment wins with 26 and 4 more Top3 run’s. Trailing Mark by just 4 points, Jim Levan scored his win in November along with 5 Top 5 finishes, and 20 segment wins for a solid 3rd place finish in the final totals. Only 8 points behind Cory Reinhard scored his 1st career NASCAR win in race 2 on the Tri-Oval, then added 4 more Top 5 finishes and 10 segment wins for a strong 4th place finish. Closing out the Top 5 Brian Sponagle had a good year as he opened the season with a 2nd place finish, then added 4 more Top 5 finishes and 21 segment wins capping off the year 5th in the standing. [Read more…]

Mark Williams Wins 1st Small Block Title

A good season of racing in the Small Block division. Randy Haydt who won the point title the past 2 seasons was going for the “Hat Trick”. But coming off his 1st Big Block title Mark Williams held off a strong challenge from Bill Rowley to claim his 1st S Block title. Mark scored his single win  at Randy’s Raceway on the 8 lane. Mark also scored 3 Top 5 finishes and 13 segment wins winning the title by 12 points. Bill started off the season with a 2nd place finish in race 1, followed that with 3 more Top 5’s including a 2nd place finish in race 5 at Tom Wenner’s oval. Capping off a good year Bill also had 13 segment wins tying him with Mark for the most. Just 4 points behind, Cory Reinhard had a good Small Block season scoring a win in race 5 at Tom Wenner’s along with 2 other Top 5 runs coming home 3rd in the final standing. Looking for that ‘Hat Trick” point title Randy Haydt had a strong 1st half of the season as he scored 3 Top 5’s but 2 finishes outside the Top5 in the final 3 races dropped Randy to 4th in the standing. Randy and Cory each scored 9 segment wins. Jim LeVan scored a win in race 2 at Randy’s Raceway then followed that up with a 3rd on the Tri-Oval to finish 5th. Jim scored 8 segment wins. [Read more…]

Mark Williams Gets Second Cup Win

NASCAR racing closed out its season on Tuesday night and Mark Williams who started off the season with a win closed out the Cup season with his 2nd win of the year. Mark scored 4 segment wins including  wins on lanes 1 & 2. Cory Reinhard finished off a strong season winning 2 segments for a Runner Up finish. Looking for his 4th straight Cup win Randy Haydt scored 2 segment wins finishing 3rd. Jim LeVan scored 2 segment wins for his 6th top 5 finish of the year was 4th. Toby Reinhard scored his 2nd straight top 5 winning 2 segments to finish 5th.

6th Lauden Seigfried ( 2 wins ) / 7th Savannah Cunnius ( 1 win ) / 8th Scott Bender /  9th Bob Amore ( 1 win ) / 10th Nick Wummer.


Good having Bill Brenner back with us. Final Cup race had 16 racers in the pits. Good night for team TCs with Cory 2nd, Toby 5th and Savvy 7th all scoring segment wins. Also Nick Wummer with his 2nd straight Top10 run. Season final 3 weeks as Modifieds close out their season on the 8 lane next week, followed by the Banquet, than the drivers meeting for everyone.

Jim LeVan Scores 2nd Sprint Car Win

Jim LeVan opened the Sprint car season with a win and capped off the Sprint car season with his 2nd winged win of the year. Jim ran his fast Orange #1 to 5 segment wins on the middle lanes on way to an impressive win. It was a “TORRID” battle for the Runner Up spot as Lauden Seigfried held off Scott Bender by 1 piece of track for 2nd. Lauden scored 2 segment wins and had lead lap finishes the rest of the way to come home with a strong 2nd place finish. Scott Bender recorded his best Sprint car finish this year winning 1 segment  for a 3rd place run. Billy Decker also turned in his best Sprint car run scoring 2 segment wins to finish 4th. Randy Haydt scored his 2nd straight 5th place finish to close out the Top5.

6th Brian Vanbuskirk ( 1 win ) / 7th Toby Reinhard / 8th John Kosmoski / 9th Tony Zappacosta ( 1 win ) / 10th Brian Sponagle.


Good run by Brian V finishing 6th and getting  a segment win. John Kosmoski was back from his vacation making his 1st Sprint car start finishing 8th. Also good to see Tony Z back also scoring that 1st segment win and a 9th place finish. Next Week Modifieds back on the 8 lane. Mark what happened to the pit row Security ?.

Randy Haydt, Mark Williams Tie for Big Block Title

The Berks Lebanon Modified Racing Series recently capped off its 3rd season of racing. But this year’s 6 race season was still not enough as Randy Haydt and Mark Williams finished in a tie for the point title. Mark scored 3 straight mid season wins, along with 2 other top 5’s and the most segment wins with 22. Randy had a string of 6 top 5’s along with 2 wins including a win in the Series final race to force the tie. The Berks Series tie breaking rules gives Mark the title because of his 3 wins. Scott Bender came home 3rd in the final totals, with his best run was a 3rd place finish at Woodland Raceway. Toby Reinhard scored 3 Top 5 finishes to start the season, then just missed out on his 1st Series win in the Opener by 9 pieces of track to finish 2nd. Toby scored 8 segment wins for a solid 4th place finish. Closing out the Top 5 ,just 5 points behind Cory Reinhard had a pair of 4th place finishes, along with 4 segment wins capping off a good season with a 5th place finish. [Read more…]

Randy Haydt Scores Close Road Course Win

Cup racing returned to Randy’s Raceway this time for its annual Road Course race. Randy Haydt rolled to his 3rd straight Cup win scoring 3 segment wins. Randy’s win was by just 6 pieces of track over Toby Reinhard who scored 3 segment wins on way to his season best 2nd place Cup finish. Trailing Toby by just 7 pieces of track Brian Sponagle scored 4 segment wins for a good 3rd place run, it was Spoons 5th top 5 cup run of the season. Just 12 pieces of track behind Brian Vanbuskirk scored his best Cup finish turning in a solid 4th place run, winning 2 segments. Good run by Lauden Seigfried his 1st time on the Road Course scored 1 segment win to cross the line 5th.

6th Nick Wummer ( 2 wins ) / 7th Mark Williams / 8th Jim LeVan / 9th Larry Sanders /  10th Savannah Cunnius



Road Course race had 15 racers entered. Good to see Larry Sanders almost get a segment win but still a very good 9th place finish. Also strong runs by Brian Vanbuskirk, Lauden Seigfried, and Nick Wummer. Also to good to see Rob London back with us. Modified racing back next week on the Tri-Oval.

Mark Williams Gets 3rd Sprint Car Win

Sprint car racing returned for it’s 4th race of the season and the 1st cars to try out the repaved oval. Mark Williams scored 4 segment wins on way to his 3rd straight winged win. Toby Reinhard had a career best 2nd place finish scoring 2 segment wins. Only 19 pieces of track behind, Jim LeVan scored 1 segment win on lane 2 for a 3rd place finish. Cory Reinhard continued his strong Sprint car season with his 4th top 5 of the season, winning 4 segments to finish 4th. Randy Haydt had a steady run did not score a segment win but came home 5th.

6th Lauden Seigfried ( 2 wins ) / 7th Scott Bender / 8th Billy Decker / 9th Brian Vanbuskirk / 10th Brian Sponagle.


Major handling issues cost Nick Wummer a top10 finish, but did get his 1st segment win on lane 4 finishing 11th. A field of 14 Sprints were in the pits. Brian Vanbuskirk was back after a 4 week vacation and had a good 9th place finish. Want to thank Randy for his hard work on getting the 8 lane up and running good again. Modifieds get back into action next week on the 8 lane.

Randy Haydt, Sheldon Hiester Tie for Big Block Series Win

Sheldon and Randy 1st place tie, Sam 3rd place.

The BLMRS closed out its 3rd season of racing on Saturday at Tom Wenner’s HO Raceway on the fast 4 lane TKO track. A good field of 17 racers were in the pits with a near capacity crowd in the stands. In the BB opener Randy Haydt and Sheldon Hiester each won 4 segments and had only 1 fall off tying for the win, it was Randy’s 2nd of the season and Sheldon’s 1st BB win. Sam Heller scored 2 segment wins for a good 3rd place finish. Shane Hiester tuned in a 4th place finish and Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins on lanes 1 & 2 to finish 5th. Just 2 pieces of track behind Scott Bender scored a 6th place finish. Also just 2 pieces of track behind Jim LeVan scored 3 segment wins finishing 7th. Tom Wenner scored a segment win on lane 1 to finish 8th. Only 3 pieces of track behind Gary Hetrick also scored a segment win on lane 1 to come home 9th. Billy Decker had a steady run to close out the Top 10. [Read more…]