Mark Williams Wins Big Block Points Title in Berks / Lebanon Series

The BLMRS capped off it’s 4th season of racing and for the 2nd straight year Mark Williams took home the title in the Big Block Class. Williams scored 3 mid season wins along with with 2 Runner-Up finishes and 13 segment wins on his way to the Title. Sheldon Hiester scored a season ending win and 7 segments to finish 2nd in the final standings. Randy Haydt used  a Runner-Up finish in race 3 and 2 other Top 5’s to come home 3rd. Tim “Little T”Bowers scored a win in the Series opener and 2 other Top 5 finishes to hold on to 4th in the standings. Just 2 points behind new comer this year Fred McCullough scored a 2nd place finish in race 2 and added 8 segment wins, finishing off a strong season 5th in the standings. Shane Hiester scored 7 segment wins and finished 6th. Scott Bender had a season ending 4th place run to come home 7th. Ed Kenderdine had a 4th place finish at Woodland Raceway, 7 segment wins to finish 8th. Cory Reinhard had a 5th place finish in the season final race and was 9th. Just 2 points behind, Toby Reinhard scored 3 segment wins to round out the Top10.

11th-Tom Wenner(2wins), 12th Billy Decker, 13thSavannah Cunnius(2wins), 14thJohn Kosmoski(1win), 15thWally Jabbs(1win).

Segment Winners: M.Williams 13, “LittleT”,  F.McCullough 8, S.Hiester, R.Haydt, E.Kenderdine all with 7 segment wins.

Feature Winners: M,Williams 3, Tim”Little”Bowers, Sheldon Hiester each 1.

Cory Reinhard Scores Season Ending Modified Win

After a season full of Top5 finishes and 6 Runner Up finishes Cory Reinhard drew the #1 pill and drove off to his 1st Modified win of the season. Cory scored 6 segment wins on lanes 1-6. Close racing for the Runner Up spot as Brian Sponagle turned in a strong run scoring 1 segment win to finish 2nd. Just 2 pieces of track behind Tom Wenner capped off a good Modified season scoring 4 segment wins on lanes 1-3 for his best Modified run finishing 3rd. Just 15 pieces of track behind Toby Reinhard scored 5 segment wins on lanes 2-5 on way to a 4th place finish. This Years Modified  point champion Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins to close out the Top5.

6th Scott Bender (1win), 7th Billy Decker, 8th Randy Haydt (1win), 9th Jim Levan (1win), 10th Mike Feltenberger.


FULL FIELD: With the big field of 21 racers we want to thank everybody for keeping the show moving along smoothly getting everybody out at a good time. Close racing in the Top 5 as 2nd to 5th were separated by 1 lap and 5th to 7th was only 11 pieces of track.


Mark Williams turned in a “Sweep” on way to his 12th Modified win of the season. It was a” tenacious “battle for the Runner-Up spot, Jim Levan scored 3 segment wins scoring a solid 2nd place finish. Just 5 pieces of track behind Toby Reinhard scored 1 segment win had only 5 fall offs to finish 3rd. Just 8 pieces of track behind Billy Decker turned in a season best 4th place finish with a steady run of 19’s and 1 segment win. Good run for John Kosmoski scoring 1 segment win for his 2nd Top5 finish of the season. Brian Sponagle was 6th win 1 segment win , Tom Wenner 7th with 2 segment wins, Scott Bender 8th, Randy Haydt was 9th with 1 segment win and Ed Kenderdine was 10th with 1 segment win.

Pit Talk:With the season nearing it’s end pit area still full with 20 racers signed in. Looks like lane 2 was the hot lane as 7 drivers scored segment wins on that lane.Good Having Lauden S back with us just missed out on a Top10, finishing 11th. Good run for Youngster James H finishing 13th. Next Week Nascar closes out its season on the 8 lane. Mark what is the # on your car?

Mark Williams Wins On Tri-Oval

Modified racing was back on the Tri-Oval for the final time this year and Mark Williams turned in a Sweep on his way to the win.  Cory Reinhard scored 4 segment wins on the outside lanes turning in a strong 2nd place finish, that was his 6th runner up finish this year. Good run for Brian Sponagle as he scored 2 segment wins on the outside lanes to come home with a 3rd place finish. For the 4th straight Modified race on the Tri-Oval a tie for 4th  occurred, this time between Randy Haydt and Mike Fitzgerald each had strong runs but no segment wins and the same amount of fall off’s so each will get credit  with a 4th place finish.

6th Jim Levan (3wins),  7th Billy Decker (2wins),  8th Scott Bender,  9thJohn Kosmoski (1win), 10thTom Wenner.


TIE OVAL TALK: After a bad run 2 weeks ago good rebound for “Fitzy” getting a nice Top5 finish this week. Also Billy Decker scoring 2 segment wins crossing the line 7th. Tough warm up session as we had  4 broken nubs. Good to see Mike M. almost getting that 1st segment win and finishing 13th. Mark what was up with Spanky he had a strange night? Pit road was not to bad with Jim having the night off!.

Mark Williams Scores 10th Modified Win

Racing was back on the 8 lane Tuesday night and Mark Williams scored 6 segment wins on way to win #10 of the Modified season. Cory Reinhard claimed 5 segment wins on lanes 1-5 posting a strong 2nd place finish. It was his 5th Runner-Up finish of the season. For the 3rd straight Modified race we had a tie in the Top5. This time between MR. Ed Kenderdine and Toby Reinhard, each with 2 segment wins but because of less fall offs Ed gets credit for 3rd and Toby with a good finish 4th place finish. Turning in his best finish since early in the season Tom Wenner scored 1 segment win on way to a steady 5th place finish.

6th Randy Haydt ( 1 win ), 7th Scott Bender, 8th Savvy Cunnius, 9th Billy Decker, 10th Jim Levan.

FAST TIMES: Nice field of 17 racers in pit area. Good night for TCS racing with finishes of 2nd,3rd and 8th.

Good night for Ed Kenderdine with a 3rd and Tom Wenner 5th. Also Savvy scored an 8th,  Larry Sanders had a 13th place run. NEXT WEEK- Cup racing on the Road Course.

Williams, Kenderdine, Berks Lebanon Winners at Woodland

1st Mark Williams     2nd Sheldon Hiester 3rd Ed Kenderdine

The field of 16 cars ready for the drivers to start their engines

The field of 16 cars ready for the drivers to start their engines

Race 4 of the BLMRS took place on Saturday at Woodland Raceway in Oley Pa, the Big Block Mods opened the day and Mark Williams scored 3 segment wins on way to his 3rd straight Big Block win of the season. It was his 7th career Big Block win. Mark’s win was by only 18 pieces of track ahead of Sheldon Hiester who scored 4 segment wins on way to a 2nd place finish. Only 2 pieces of track behind, Ed Kenderdine turned in a career best 3rd place finish scoring 4 segment wins.

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Mark Williams Scores Close Modified Win


Point Leader Mark Williams scored his 9th Modiied win of the season on the Tri-Oval. Turning in a sweep Mark held off a strong run from Cory Reinhard who scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes and was just 5 pieces of track behind at the finish. Randy Haydt had a good run in his Miami Dolphin machine as he scored 4 segment wins to finish 3rd. There was a tie for 4th between Scott Bender and Jim Levan. Each scored 1 segment win, but Scott with less fall offs getting 4th and Jim with a good run finishing fifth.

6th Toby Reinhard, 7th Brian Sponagle (1win), 8th Ed Kenderdine (1win), 9th Tom Wenner, 10th Bily Decker(1win).


Short Cuts: Good field again with 19 racers on hand. We had 8 different segment winners. Good run for Tony Z just missing out of a Top 10, finishing 11th. Next Week back to the 8 lane for Sprint car racing. Mark, Spanky looked a bit confused?

Williams, Bender tie for Modified Win


Modified racing was back on the Tri-Oval Tuesday night and Point Leader Mark Williams and Scott Bender tied for the win. Mark gets credit for the victory because of his 5 segment wins. It was Mark’s 8th win of the season. Scott scored 3 segment wins including wins on lanes 1&2. Good run on the Tri-Oval for Toby Reinhard as he scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes to come home with a close 3rd place finish. [Read more…]

Mark Williams Scores 7TH Mod Win

Modified point leader Mark Williams scored 7 segment wins on way to his 7th Modified victory of the season. Continuing a strong season, Cory Reinhard scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes to finish 2nd. Randy Haydt collected 2 segment wins on his way to a strong 3rd place finish. That was Randy’s 7th top 5 run of the year. Less than 1 lap behind, Jim Levan scored 1 segment win for a good 4th place finish. Just 10 pieces of track behind, Brian Sponagle scored his 2nd top 5 finish of the year to close out the first 5.

6th-Ed Kenderdine, 7thSavvy (2wins), 8thToby Reinhard (1win),  9thScott Bender, 10th Billy Decker (1win).

HOT LAPS: Season best finish for Ed K. just missing out on a top 5 finishing 6th. Also Billy D getting his 1st segment win on lane 1 finishing 10th. We had 3 segment winners on lane 1, Savvy, Mark W, and Billy D. Youngster James Hamershock had a good night with no crash outs while finishing 15th. Next Week Sprint cars are back in action.

Mark Williams Wins Holiday Modified Event

It was the annual Holiday / Scott Bender Photo Night event at Randy’s Raceway.  A record  turnout of 25 racers were on hand.  Mark Williams scored 6 segment wins on way to his 6th Modified win of the season. Just 1 lap behind Jim Levan turned in a strong 2nd place finish scoring 4 segment wins on way to his best Modified run of the year. Cory Reinhard started off the night scoring 6 straight segment wins to come home with a solid 3rd place finish. Trailing Cory by 30 pieces of track, Scott Bender scored 2 segment wins finishing 4th. Making his 2nd Modified start of the year Mike Fitzgerald had  a consistent run of 19’s for a good 5th place effort. Just 9 pieces of track behind, Randy Haydt scored 4 segment wins including a win on lane 8 to finish 6th. Toby Reinhard was 7th, Tom Wenner scored 2 segment wins on the middle lanes and was 8th, Mike Feltenberger was 9th,closing out the Top 10 Ed Kenderdine scored a segment win to finish 10th.


11th-Billy Decker 12thJohn Kosmoski 13thBrian Sponagle 14thTony Zappacosta 15th Hiram Durant

SPANKY SAYS: Good having Susquehanna Late Model Champion Brian Shuey making his 1st start hope to see him back again. A record field of 25 racers were in the pit area. Want to Thank everyone who helped keep the night moving getting everyone out at a decent time. No problems on pit road as Jim Levan kept the big field under control.