Gilmore, Levan Winners in Berk’s Series Final

by Scott Bender

The Berks County Oval Series closed out it’s season on Saturday at R M
S Motorsports in Morgantown running on the shortened Fairgrounds Mall

Turning in another perfect day was Kenny Gilmore who cruised to his 6th Berks Series win of the year. Kenny won all 6 segments with no come offs ( a racing Hat -Trick ) and his 2nd straight B. C. O. S. modified point title. Sheldon Hiester won 1 segment as he turned in a career best 2nd place finish in the Berks Series. Only 11 sections of track behind was Rich Schmidt winning 1 segment and turning in a good third place finish. Only 16 pieces of track behind, Bob Zelano scored 2 segment wins on lanes 1 & 2 to finish fourth. Then only 2 pieces of track behind was Randy Haydt winning 2 segments on lanes 1 & 2 to finish fifth.

Rest of Finish:

6th Shane Hiester / 7th Bob Amore / 8th Scott Bender / 9th John Kosmoski / 10th Jim Levan /  11th Billy Deker / 12th Bill Brenner (1win) / 13th Eric Beard.

Levan Wins I R O C Final !

The 15 lap I R O C final was another close one as Jim Levan scored 3 segment wins on his way to his1st career Berk’s I R O C win ( Jim this one counts! ) It was the 4th different winner this year in this class. Less than 1 lap behind Bob Amore & Rich Schmidt finished tied for second, with Bob getting credit for 2nd because of 2 segment wins while Rich had 1. Kenny Gilmore won 1 segment on his way to a fourth place finish, and the I R O C point title. Bill Brenner scored 1 segment win as he earned his 3rd top 5 finish of the year in I R O C.

Rest of Finish:

6th Scott Bender / 7th Randy Haydt (1win) /  8th Billy Decker (1win) / 9th Eric Beard (1win).

Coming soon the Berks Series Review.