Gilmore Still Unbeaten in Sprint Car Championship

by Scott Bender

Randy’s Raceway held it’s annual 40 lap sprint car championship Thursday night.

Kenny Gilmore once again turned in a perfect night winning all 8 segments on way to his 6th straight win in this race, and 2nd of this year. Making his first start in this class was Brett Gilmore scoring 3 segment wins on way to a good second place finish. Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins on lanes 1 & 2 to turn in a third place finish. Billy Decker continues his good season finished fourth, his best finish in this race. Scott Bender closed out the top5 also with his best finish in this 40 lap event.


6th Randy Haydt – 7th Sam Heller – 8th Bruce Heller –  9th Ryan Watt – 10th Bill Brenner – 11th Jim Levan – 12th Rich Pigeon – 13th Frank Shillinger – 14th Eric Beard.


A special thanks goes to everyone who helped with sponsoring this event. Good to see Big Diamond and Bridgeport modified racer Ryan Watt entering the race. Lots of racing action in the middle of the pack as Randy Haydt edged Sam Heller by only 14 pieces of track. Mark Williams third place finish could have been better except for Randy being in Mark’s lane most of the night


photo by Scott Bender