PA State Tyco Oval Championships 2009

Date: Saturday, February 28,  2009
Where: Fairgrounds Square Mall
Reading, PA
This event is being organized with the help of racers from Randy’s Raceway.






Car Building Specifications for 2009 PA State Oval Championships


* Stock Tyco/Mattel Narrow Chassis.

* Modifications allowed on the chassis.

* re-inforced pick-up shoe retaining tabs (nipples).

* side body mounting tabs may be shaved off and removed.

Front and rear bulkheads:

* No alterations such as bearings or trimming are allowed on the chassis bulkheads.


* Stock Tyco Mattel Motor magnets and traction magnets must be used.

* Charging or freezing the magnets to capture their full energy potential is permitted.

* traction magnets may be reverse zapped however common polarities must be used in the car. If you select plus polarity you must use two of the same. If you use negative polarity you must use two of the same. You can’t mix one negative and one positive zapped traction magnet.


* Motors must be stock Tyco red wire small window armatures welded tab or soldered tab or with the following alterations:

* Ohm limit 6.2 ohms

* dewinding to achieve 6.2 ohms is permitted

* advancing or retarding the timing can manipulated

Pick-up shoes:

* Stock Tyco Humped pick-up shoes may be used

* altering the shoes by bending to improve performance and electrical contact is permitted.

Pick-up shoe springs:

* Stock Tyco pick-up shoe springs may be used.

* bending to improve electrical contact and performance is permitted.

Brush barrels, communtator brushes and brush springs:

* Stock Tyco Brush barrels with performance reaming to deburr inner surface.

* Stock Tyco Brush Springs, stretched, heat stretched and cooled permitted.

* Stock Tyco Communator brushes may only be copper, flat back or nipple back, cut and split if desired. (no drilled brushes)

Front and rear Rims axles, gears, gear bosses:

* Stock Tyco front rims or spec. replacement  Berks County Rims

* Stock Tyco Rear Rims or Spec Berks County Rims.

* Stock Tyco 25 tooth Crown Gear, or replacement 24 tooth crown gear marked 24 tooth.

* Stock Tyco Front axle or drill blank, rear stock tyco axle or drill blank, no hollow axles.


* Stock tyco front tire or O-rings custome ground to desired size.

* Rear tires: Any brand or size of slip on rear silicone tires.

Guide pin:

* Any stock Tyco or aftermarket performance guide pin may be used.


* Any dirt modified body made of film, paper, lexan, or styrene. When placed in the tech block the roof of the car must be equal or higher than the side panels of the tech block.

* When viewed from above the body must cover the chassis from the front door panels to the rear of the chassis.


* Any stock spacer or washer, phenilic, bronze, steel, nylon spacers may be used on the axles and or armature shafts to improve car performance.


* Any Parma Econo controller, plus controller, or TQ controller may be used. No electronic or adjustable controllers are allowed.