Randy’s Raceway “A Thank You To All”

Where to begin about the past 08-09 Season ?

 It was for sure a very busy season, a full schedule of events, a few new sponsors, more racers added and another different track to race on ! All this happens because of the support and gratitude received from everyone who supports and races here at Randy’s Raceway. I THANK YOU ALL !
  What will this next season bring ? Want to go faster ?  Well, to start it off there will be a tech and racing night once a month on a Tuesday night. This is a learning tech session to be held first and a fun race to follow afterwards. A few of Randy’s Raceway Veteran racers and well known Tyco chassis car builder Kenny "Monk" Gilmore will be here on those nights for any questions you may have. The first date for this is Tuesday May 12, 2009 starting time for the tech session is 6:30pm. So the night will be, you learn it first, practice what you learned, then race what you practiced.
  The portable track will be set up at the Racefest in Lyons, PA this summer. This event  is held on Thursday July 30, 2009 and times for this event will be posted at a later date. This year for the Racefest the driver signing autographs will be Ryan Newman.
  Randy’s Raceway is planning to have a 3rd Annual I R O C Tri-Track Challenge on Saturday August 8, 2009. Everyone who attends has a great time racing three different types of cars on three completely different types tracks and there is food.
  Another new addition is the Sportsman Class. This is an all stock built Tyco chassis with a Modified body. There will be 6 six races with no drops running on all 3 ovals. There will be more details to follow about this class.
  The 4 main divisions are as follows:
  Modified running 15 races with 2 drops, raced every other Tuesday night and all but 2 races will be on the 8-lane oval. The 2 other races will travel to the Tri-Oval and the Short Track. The well-attended Modified race between the Holidays will be raced once again and will count for points as it did last season.
  The NASCAR races will be increased this season to 9 races with 1 drop and are split up to race on all 3 ovals.
  Sprint Cars are increased to 9 races with 1 drop and all of them will be raced on the 8-lane.
  I R O C is back to 6 races with no drops and will be raced on all 3 ovals.
  Thanks again for all your support and lets have another great racing season !