Williams and Haydt Win IROC Twin Show

by Mark Williams

Mark Williams won his second IROC feature of the season in the 70’s throw back AFX cars.

Willaims won 2 segments on the way to the win.  Second spot went to Bob Amore who also remembers how to get around the Tri-Oval.  Third was Jim Levan followed by Randy Haydt and Billy Decker.  In the companion Strom show Randy Haydt won his second of the season and kept the point battle extremly close.  Haydt won 3 segments and was chased across the line by Jim Levan who won 5 times.  Third was Mark Williams followed by Billy Decker and Bob Amore.
A new format was used this week running lanes 1-3 and then bringing the field back on and running lanes 4-6.  It seemed to work out pretty good.  Not sure who came up with it but it was a really good idea…..