Brian Sponagle Scores Close Modified Win

Brian Sponagle scored his 1st Modified win of the year Tuesday night on the Tri-Oval. “Spoons” scored 3 segment wins including a win on lane 1 on way to the win. It was an “Epic” battle among the Top 3. Point Leader Mark Williams scored 4 segment wins trailing Brian by only 2 pieces of track at the finish line. Scott Bender scored 2 segment wins and trailed Mark by only 2 pieces of track and Brian by 6, to come home with a 3rd place finish. Only 1 lap behind Randy Haydt had a strong run winning 2 segments on lanes 1 & 3 to finish 4th. John Kosmoski had a steady run winning 2 segments to close out the Top 5.

6th Cory R ( 1 win ) / 7th Tom W ( 2 wins ) / 8th Jim L ( 2 wins ) / 9th Billy D / 10th Adam Z ( 2 wins ).

Caution Flags:

Close racing on the Tri-Oval top 4 were separated by 1 lap and 6 pieces of track. Another full pit area with 21 racers. Good run for Tom Wenner finishing 7th winning 2 segments. Also for Tony Z getting his 1st segment win and a 13th place finish. Welcome to the 3 new racers James, Mike and Kris running well for the first time on the tricky Tri-Oval. Next week Sprint car racing returns to the 8 lane.

LeVan Takes NASCAR Road Race

Veteran racer Jim LeVan of Reading won his first NASACR feature this season on the Tub track. A former winner of this event in past seasons LeVan almost pulled off a perfect run just missing in the gutter lane 6 for a sweep. LeVan also beat a season high 21 racers who enjoyed a well thought out show by promoter Randy Haydt. LeVan who has gained road race experience racing with ECHORR was very fast in his orange Cup car. Another ECHORR and Randy’s regular Brian Sponagle showed his left and right hand turn experience to come home second. Spoons won 2 segments in his Miller Light #2 after a tangle with Spanky in the hairpin. Third spot went to another ECHORR Challenge runner Cory Reinhard. Cory has proven that he is a force this season with multiple feature wins already at Randy’s and Little T’s Speedways. Cory won 2 segments. Toby Reinhard brought a second TCS car home for a fine 4th place run winning 3 segments. Rounding out the top five was last seasons Tub winner Randy Haydt who won 2 segments. Sixth was Tom Wenner in a real good run winning a segment on lane 4. The Blandon racer has come out with a strong season thus far in 2018. Mark Williams finished 7th for the second year in a row winning 2 segments. Newcomer Mike Mackaravitz from Bethlehem won a segment on lane 3 and finished an impressive 8th in his first ever run at Randy’s Raceways. Ninth went to Exeter’s Mike Fitzgerald. Fitzy won 2 segments and was followed by Tony Zappacosta in tenth scoring 1 segment in his best run this season.

By Mark Williams

Sam Heller out of Phoenixville PA made a rare start and after garnering an 11th in the Cup portion of the show scored a 4 section of track win over Savannah Cunnius. Sam won a single segment and Savvy won 2 just narrowly missing her first career feature win. For Sam it was his first win at Randy’s in many years. Tom Wenner wound up third after the tie breaker with a graet run in all 4 lanes. Fourth was Toby Reinhard who won 2 segments followed by Cory Reinhard in fifth.

Mark Williams Makes it 5 in a Row

Mark Williams made it 5 Modified wins in a row Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway. Mark just missed a Sweep by 1 segment. Randy Haydt ran a fast “Chucky” car to 3 segment wins finishing 2nd. A strong run by Mike Fitzgerald scoring 1 segment win to come home 3rd. Cory Reinhard continued his solid season winning 3 segments on way to a 4th place finish. Jim Levan had a good run scoring 3 segment wins for his 4th straight top 5 finish was 5th.

6th Scott Bender / 7th Billy Decker / 8th Brian Sponagle / 9th Mike Feltenberger /  10th Tom Wenner

Close Calls:

Good racing at the top as 2nd to 5th were separated by less than 2 laps. Good having Phil Levering back after a long absence Phil scored a 12th place finish. Also good to see Bruce Komoldi making his 1st Modified start. Good run by “Fitzy” getting a segment win and a 3rd. Also Billy D with a strong run finishing 7th. Pit Road Security was very tight as Jim kept an eye on everything.

LeVan Wins IROC in Close Race

Jim LeVan became the third different winner in 4 races this season for the IROC class. In yet another very close race between the 13 races checked in.  LeVan from Reading won 1 segment in the AW cars.  Second spot went to current points leader Randy Haydt who won 2 segments.  Followed by Chris Brubaker, Adam Zappacosta and Ed Kenderdine.

FINISH- LeVan,Haydt,Brubaker,A.Zappacosta,Kenderdine,Williams,T.Zappacosta,C.Reinhard,T.Reinhard,Sponagle,Cunnius,VanBuskirk,Durant.

NASCAR FINISH- Williams,LeVan,Cunnius,T.Reinhard,Haydt,Wenner,Sponagle,Bender,C.Reinhard,Decker,Kenderdine,VanBuskirk,Brubaker,Fitzgerald,T.Zappacosta,Durant,A.Zappacosta,London.

Williams Races to Fourth Mod Win

Current point leader Mark Williams added to his lead with a win on the Tri-Oval.  Fending off a determined Toby Reinhard who finished second for his best finish of this season.  Williams won 5 segments and Reinhard 1.  Third spot went to Jim LeVan who ran hard on every lane and scored 2 segment wins.  Randy Haydt winner of 3 segments finished fourth followed by Cory Reinhard in fifth with 3 segments as well.  FINISH- Williams, T.Reinhard, LeVan, Haydt, C.Reinhard, Sponagle, Decker, Wenner, Durant, VanBuskirk, Cunnius, A.Zappacosta, Sanders, T.Zappacosta, London.


Notes-  Hiram Durant picked up his first Modified top ten this week as he continues to improve in the Tyco’s.  Larry Sanders had a good run in lane 5 and only had 7 falloffs all night.  Spoke to Laudan he is progressing this week with his recovery and will be changing his schedule later on for racing at his house.  Our condolences to Scott Bender on his Mom’s passing.  We hope to see Scott back racing with us soon.

C. Reinhard and Haydt Take Wins in Double Show

Cory Reinhard went two for two in the Sprint class taking his second win of the young season.  Reinhard looks to be a strong contender this season for the Sprint Championship.  Cory won 5 segments and the Feature win was his fifth overall already this season on the circuit. Runner-up was Jim LeVan who won his first 5 segments and looked like an early winner before the outer lanes slowed him a bit.  The defending Sprint Point Champion was just a little more than 1 lap behind the winner.  Third spot went to Tom Wenner in one of his best runs at Randy’s Raceway.  The Blandon racer won 4 segments and looked impressive in his #7 sprinter.  [Read more…]

Williams Makes it Three in a Row

Modiifed racing was back on the Tri -Oval and Mark Williams made it 3 wins in a row turning in a ‘sweep” on way to the win. A strong run by Randy Haydt to finish 2nd scoring 4 segment wins and a win on lane 1. Ed Kenderdine turned in his best career  Modified finish winning 2 segments on the outside lanes to finish a good 3rd. Jim LeVan scored his 2nd straight Top 5 winning 2 segments also on the outside lanes to finish 4th. Only 8 pieces of track behind Scott Bender had a steady run finishing 5th.

6th Toby Reinhard / 7th Cory Reinhard ( 2 wins ) / 8th Brian Sponagle / 9th Tom Wenner / 10th Billy Decker.


Close racing in mid pack as 6th to 9th were seperated by only 13 pieces of track. Field of 18 racers were signed in. Thanks to Billy D for the Hallowen treats he had for everybody. John K. scored 1 segment win but a rare crash out for him put him 11th in the final run down. Spanky reports about a lot of problems on pit road this week.? Next week Sprint cars return to the 8 – lane for their 2nd race of the season.

# 50 and Mr. IROC Share Winner’s Circle at Randy’s Raceway

Mark Williams drove his Bud #50 to a one lap victory in the NASCAR portion of the twin Bill Tuesday in Kutztown.  Williams won 4 segments to earn the win his second this season.  After battling with Adam Zappacosta on lanes 1 and 2 Williams won the final 4 segments.  Second spot went to Cory Reinhard who won 3 segments in his fast team TCS racer.  Third spot went to the Orange #40 of Jim LeVan who won 4 segments, followed by Randy Haydt in his Gold number 2, the racing Promoter took a segment win on lane 5.  Rounding out the top five was Adam Zappacosta who scored three segment wins in a very impressive run.  [Read more…]

Mark Williams Wins on the Tri-Oval

Modified racing returned to the Tri-Oval for the 1st time this year and Mark Williams just missed a ‘Sweep’ by 1 piece of track to score his 2nd Modified win of the season. Less than 1 lap behind Cory Reinhard scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes for a good 2nd place run. Adam Zappacosta scored 1 segment win for a career best 3rd place run. Scott Bender scored 1 segment win to come home with a 4th place finish. Jim Levan scored 1 segment win on lane 6 to close out the Top 5. A tie for 6th between Brian Sponagle and Randy Haydt each won 1 segment with tie Breaker going to “Spoons” with 1 less come off. Lauden Seigfried was 8th.Tom Wenner won 2 segments but a bad run on lane 1 cost him, but still scored a good 9th place finish. “Savvy” was 10.


Close racing  as Top 5 were separated by less than 3 laps. Great run by Adam Z with a strong 3rd place run. Good field as 17 racers were in the pit area. Racing goes back to the Tri-Oval next week as NASCAR and IROC racing returns.

Reinhard’s Sweep Twin Bill at Randy’s Raceway

Cory Reinhard won the Cup event and his Dad Toby won the IROC event as the action moved over to the Tricky Tri-Oval.  A field of 18 racers was on hand for the double show and a very orderly event was spun off in a short time. For Cory Reinhard this was his third feature win overall this season already, and his first in the NASCAR class.  It was his second career win in NASCAR after winning 4 segments.  The young Boyertown racer was very impressive winning tough segments over veteran Jim LeVan in the middle lanes.  Second spot went to Mark Williams who was the Opening Night winner.  Williams took 4 segment wins as well in his #50 racer.  Third spot went to Jim LeVan who won three segments in his Orange #40.  Fourth was Randy Haydt (AKA Mr NASCAR) who won a single segment on lane 5.  Rounding out the top five was Brian Sponagle who won 4 segments on the evening.  [Read more…]