Shane Hiester Scores the Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Opening

Randy’s Raceway Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results from Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Brian Vanbuskirk wins the TYCO Coupe Modified Race Car.

The Opening Race of the Memorial Triple Crown Series drew a great field of racers. 18 racers signed in for competition. Rob London was a great friend and racer to everyone at Randy’s Raceway. Rob loved the nostalgia coupes and truly enjoyed competing at Randy’s Raceway every Tuesday. Round 1 is in your memory Rob! – We miss you.

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Randy Jay Haydt and Michael Mackaravitz split Twin-Doubleheader

TYCO 440×2 Nascar and The famed Randy’s Raceway IROC Series were on tap for Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Both races were run on the Fast 6 Lane Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. 1st Up – Tyco Nascar and track owner Randy Jay Haydt slayed the field for a strong Nascar feature win . Randy had 4 segment wins and won the feature by 11 total track segments. Randy has certainly come out of the gate strong in his 20th season of racing. [Read more…]

Shane Hiester Scores a Strong Coupe Modified Feature Win

Shane Hiester was flying on the 1st Tri-Oval Race of 2021 and cruised to a strong TYCO Coupe Modified feature event win. Shane won 3 segments in his run to the win. Matt Light finished a strong 2nd with 2 segment wins in his run to the 2nd place finish. Wrapping up the podium was Jim LeVan with 3 segment wins on the night.

4th – Randy Jay Haydt – 1 segment win

5th – Michael Mackaravitz – 1 segment win

6th – Sheldon Hiester – 3 segment wins

7th – James Hammershock

8th – Brian Vanbuskirk

9th – Eric Beard

10th – Tony Zappacosta

11th – Jordan H.

12th – Bill Decker

13th – Gene Koose

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October 12, 2021

Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval

Twin Doubleheader – Nascar & IROC Racing

TYCO Quad Hoppers by Michael Mackaravitz

Randy Jay Haydt Fights Off a Strong Effort by Sheldon Hiester

Randy’s Raceway Race Results from Tuesday, September 14, 2021

By: Wenner Media Group

Randy Jay Haydt fights off a strong effort by Sheldon Hiester to score back to back Feature Wins

For the 2nd week in a row, Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt took the field to school on the 8 Lane Oval . This time the NASCAR hard bodied race cars were the racing division of choice. Randy wheeling the famed Freddy Mac Harry Gant vintage throwback #33 scored 5 segment wins and only fell off once. Randy was near perfect as he was edged out in the 1st lane at the start of racing. Finishing in a close 2nd with an equally strong car was Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon won 4 segments on the night and was less than a half lap behind on the win. Matt Light wrapped up the podium spot in 3rd. Matt wheeling a beautiful Tony Steward Coke 14 to 2 segment wins. Matt was only a half lap out of 2nd.

4th – Shane Hiester (1 Segment Win)

5th – Tom Wenner (1 Segment Win)

6th – Bill Decker

7th – Mike Fitzgerald (1 Segment Win)

8th – Scott Bender

9th – Jim LeVan

10th – Michael Mackaravitz

11th – Hiram Durant

12th – James Hammershock (1 Segment Win)

13th – John Kosmoski

14th – Ed Kenderdine

15th – Brian Vanbuskirk

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Randy Jay Haydt wins the 20th Anniversary Season Opener

Randy Jay Haydt wins the 20th Anniversary Season Opener at Randy’s Raceway with a strong TYCO Modified feature event win
By: Wenner Media Group
We want to extend a SUPER-Thank You to everyone who attended last night. 22 Racers for opening night is unreal. Thank You so much for the support in kicking off our 20th Anniversary season in grand style.
The veteran owner of Randy’s Raceway showed on Tuesday night that he is ready to slay the dragon in this 20th anniversary season. Randy Jay Haydt cruised to a popular feature event win with only 1 segment win on the night, But a very consistent and competitive run. Finishing in 2nd place was Jim LeVan, Jim scored 2 segment wins in his #63 Mod and showed that he is ready for battle in this special season. The final spot on the podium goes to Shaldon Hiester. Sheldon returning to race at Randy’s Raceway for the 20th anniversary season had 1 segment win. Sheldon finished 17 track segments out of the 2nd place position.
4th – Tom Wenner (4 Segment Wins)
5th – Michael Mackaravitz (4 Segment Wins)
6th – Matt Light (2 Segment Wins)
7th – Bill Decker (2 Segment Wins)
8th – Brian Sponagle
9th – Ed Kenderdine
10th – Toby Reinhard (1 Segment Win)
11th -Timothy J. Bowers Jr. (1 Segment Win)
12th – Eric Beard (2 Segment Wins)
13th – Shane Hiester
14th – Hiram Durant
15th – Mike Fitzgerald
16th – James Hammershock
17th – Mike Feltenberge
18th – Jordan H.
19th – John Kosmosk
20th – Gene Koos
21st – Brian VanBuskirk
22nd – Tony Zappacosta
Turtle Notes:
Incredible field of drivers for opening night. Great to see the many of the old-timers and some new drivers. Tight racing is the name of the game – Winner won by 1.5 laps. 2nd to 3rd was separated by only 17 segments. 3rd to 4th – was separated by 8 segments. 4th and 5th tied – Tiebreaker was used to separate both. 4th – 5th – 6th – separated by 11 segments. Some extremely tight racing by everyone. Randy rolled the dice and a teardown of 3 racers was done. Randy, Jordan and Tom Wenner were torn down post race. All cars passed tech. I think the ballots are still being counted on the personal awards. The clipboard blunder and racing another car were popular suggestions for driver of the week. Randy’s personal parking spot is going to get some use. Thanks for supporting us, We hope to see you all back next week.
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                                                  20th SEASON OPENER
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Tuesday, September 14
TYCO Nascar
8 Lane Oval Lanes 2 to 7
15 Laps

Randy’s Raceway 2019-2020 Season Awards Banquet


Randy’s Raceway 2019-2020 Season Awards Banquet & IROC Race Story By: Wenner Media Group

The 2019-2020 Season was finally celebrated in grand style at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. One of the highlights of racing an entire season at Randy’s Raceway is the annual awards banquet. While this banquet was celebrated post-CV19, We had a great turnout of racers to celebrate the 2019-20′ season. Each season Randy Jay Haydt goes all out for the banquet – He prints a book for every participant that holds stats for every race and all 4 classes that are run at Randy’s Raceway. Feature Winners receive Pit Box decals. Racers receive pit box decals for participation. If you volunteer to assist Randy’s Raceway in a support role during the year, Randy celebrates those who support his track all year with decals. 

Door Prize Donation Special Thanks to:

Billy Decker / Decker Motorsports – Billy donated a pile of door prizes and parts from his speed shop for the racers. Billy has all of the parts you need to go fast during the season.

Little T’s Speedway, Myerstown PA – Tim donated some tire gauges for the racers. Please support Little T’s Speedway & Speed Shop during the season. Word is that Tim is busy building Tyco rockets for all of the area tracks. See Tim if you are interested in a build.

Jim LeVan – Jim donated a very large collection of NASCAR Diecast for the racers door prizes.

Tom Wenner – Tom donated brand new Philadelphia Eagles Hats for the racers as door prizes. 

Special Thanks to Scott Bender for providing photo coverage on the night. Scott takes photos at several local race tracks. If you have a driver or dirt track racing photography need, Please support Scott with those requests. 

Randy’s Raceway Tyco Tractor Trailer IROC Race Results.

Randy built this custom set of Tyco Rigs for a special IROC race. The Awards Banquet served that purpose and these trucks performed flawlessly and were a BLAST to drive. Thanks to Randy for allowing us to race them. The 4 lap IROC races were extremely close and the results showed it. Big Crashes occurred frequently and everyone had fun running these Tyco Beasts. Lane 3-4-5-6 were raced. 4 de-slots allowed. 4 lap races. The trailer was the placement of the de-slot, Not the truck..

IROC Race Results:Winner – Tom Wenner 15-30 Won by 2 track segments / 2nd – Randy Jay Haydt 15-28 / 3rd – Chris Brubaker 15-17 / 4th – James Hammershock 15-12 / 5th – Hiram Durant 15-11 (Tie) / 5th – Brian Sponagle 15-11 (Tie) / 7th – Jim LeVan 15-9 / 8th – Eric Beard 14-35 / 9th – Kris Keiper 14-29 / 10th – Mike Mackaravitz 14-27 

2019-2020 Randy’s Raceway Point Champs

Mark Williams and Randy Jay Haydt were the 2019-2020 Point Champions.

Modified & NASCAR Championships went to Mark Williams. Sprint Car & IROC Championships went to Randy Jay Haydt

Rookie of the Year Award – Michael Mackaravitz

Most Improved Driver Award – Tom Wenner 

Modified Top 10 in Points: Champ – Mark Williams /2nd – Randy Jay Haydt / 3rd – Cory Reinhard / 4th – Jim LeVan / 5th – Tom Wenner / 6th – Toby Reinhard / 7th – Scott Bender / 8th – Billy Decker / 9th – Brian Sponagle / 10th – Mike Mackaravitz 

NASCAR Top 10 in Points: Champ – Mark Williams / 2nd – Randy Jay Haydt / 3rd – Jim LeVan / 4th – Tom Wenner / 5th – Brian Sponagle / 6th – Cory Reinhard / 7th – Toby Reinhard / 8th – Chris Brubaker / 9th – Mike Mackaravitz / 10th – John Kosmoski 

410 Sprint Car Top 10 in Points: Champ – Randy Jay Haydt / 2nd – Mark Williams / 3rd – Tom Wenner / 4th – Scott Bender / 5th – Jim LeVan / 6th – Toby Reinhard / 7th – Billy Decker / 8th – Hiram Durant / 9th – Tony Zappacosta / 10th – Brian Vanbuskirk

IROC Racing Top 10 in Points: Champ – Randy Jay Haydt / 2nd – Brian Sponagle / 3rd – Mike Mackaravitz / 4th – Jim LeVan / 5th – Chris Brubaker / 6th – Hiram Durant / 7th – Scott Bender / 8th – Mark Williams / 9th – Tom Wenner / 10th -Brian Vanbuskirk and Tony Zappacosta 

Check out Randy’s Raceway Facebook for pictures of the event.


Sam Heller IROC Classic Race Results

By: Wenner Media Group

Sam Heller IROC Classic Saturday, January 30, 2021 Race Results

Little T’s Speedway, Myerstown, PA

30 Racers attended the race and competed in the 4 scheduled IROC Races.

Tom Wenner and Randy Jay Haydt opened the event at 945am with sponsor support and race direction. The group was split into 2 groups rotating between 2 tracks at the same time.

Up 1st – MAHOPRA IROC Races using the Roger Porcelli RPMS Porsche 917’s on the Randy’s Raceway Tub and Hiester’s Raceway IROC Races using the Hiester’s Tyco 440×2 Custom Painted Wingless Sprints on the Little T’s Speedway 24′ AFX/Tomy Oval.

At 1230p once both groups completed the twin races, A lunch break was held. Race Sponsor Justino’s Pizza in Newmanstown, PA provided Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza for all racers to enjoy. After the lunch break was completed we went back to another split in groups for the 2nd half of the racing action.

2nd Set of Races – Little T’s Speedway IROC Races using the Little T’s Speedway Wizzard Hot Stock Tyco 440×2 cars with the Custom Freddy Mac Coupe Bodies. Running opposite the group was the ECHORR prepped IROC Tjet Indy Cars racing on the Little T’s Speedway 24′ AFX/Tomy Oval.

The race format provided 4 individual races and we awarded individual awards for each 4 races. Master Race Control Randy Jay Haydt kept an overall point system for all 4 races and the promotional team awarded an overall point champion and 2nd & 3rd place.

Here are the Individual Race Results:

The Slamurai Sam Heller MAHOPRA IROC Race Results

Winner: Roger Porcelli

2nd – Dan Wirfel

3rd – Jim Levan

4th – James Hammershock

5th – Matt Light

6th – Freddy Mac

7th – Mike Fitzgerald

8th – Mark Heller

9th – Mike M.

10th – Jim Singer

11th – Sheldon Hiester

12th – Derek Scheafer

13th – Shane Hiester

14th – Brian Vanbuskirk

15th – Kris Keiper

16th – Chris Brubacher

17th – Nick Wummer

18th – Brian Sponagle

19th – Mr. Who

20th – Shawn B.

21st – Bill Brenner

22nd – Bear

23rd – Tim K.

24th – Eric Beard

25th – Bill Waugh

26th – Louden Reimert

27th – Kyle W.

28th – Tommy Hiester

The Slamurai Sam Heller Classic ECHORR Tjet Indy Car Results

Winner: Jim Levan

2nd – Brian Sponagle

3rd – Sheldon Hiester

4th – Freddy Mac

5th – Chris Brubacher

6th – Derek Scheafer

7th – Shane Hiester

8th – Dan Wirfel

9th – Roger Porcelli

10th – Shawn B.

11th – Bill Waugh

12th – Mike M.

13th – Mark Heller

14th – Matt Light

15th – Bear

16th – Brian Vanbuskirk

17th – Louden Reimert

18th – Mike Fitzgerald

19th – Little T- Tim Bowers, Jr.

20th – Jim Singer

21st – Kris Keiper

22nd – Bill Brenner

23rd – Eric Beard

24th – Tommy Hiester

25th – Mr. Who

26th – Kyle W.

27th – James Hammershock

28th – Nick Wummer

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller IROC Classic Little T’s Speedway Coupe Race Results

Winner: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Little T – Tim Bowers, Jr.

3rd – Jim Levan

4th – Mike Fitzgerald

5th – Freddy Mac

6th – Matt Light

7th – Shane Hiester

8th – Bill Waugh

9th – Bear

10th – Nick Wummer

11th – Mike M.

12th – Louden Reimert

13th – Roger Porcelli

14th – Mark Heller

15th – Brian Sponagle

16th – Shawn B.

17th – Turbo Dan Wirfel

18th – Eric Beard

19th – Derek Scheafer

20th – Tommy Hiester

21st – Bill Brenner

22nd – Jim Singer

23rd – Mr. Who

24th – James Hammershock

25th – Chris Brubacher

26th – Brian Vanbuskirk

27th – Kyle W.

28th – Kris Keiper

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller IROC Classic Hiester’s Raceway Wingless Sprint Car Race Results

Winner: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Little T – Tim Bowers, Jr.

3rd – Mike Fitzgerald

4th – Derek Scheafer

5th – Mike M.

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Louden Reimert

8th – Freddy Mac

9th – Matt Light

10th – Mark Heller

11th – Bear

12th – Dan Wirfel

13th – Shawn B.

14th – Bill Brenner

15th – Eric Beard

16th – Jim Levan

17th – Brian Sponagle

18th – Tommy Hiester

19th – Brian Vanbuskirk

20th – Bill Waugh

21st – Chris Brubacher

22nd – Mr. Who

23rd – Jim Singer

24th – Nick Wummer

25th – James Hammershock

26th – Roger Porcelli

27th – Kris Keiper

28th – Kyle W.

29th – Tim K.

The Slamurai Sam Heller Classic Overall Points

Point Champion: Sheldon Hiester

2nd – Jim Levan

3rd – Freddy Mac

4th – Mike Fitzgerald

5th – Matt Light

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Mike M.

8th – Dan Wirfel

9th – Derek Scheafer

10th – Mark Heller

11th – Roger Porcelli

12th – Brian Sponagle

13th – Mike Feltenberger

14th – Shawn Barlthaser

15th – Louden Reimert

16th – Bill Waugh

17th – Chris Brubacher

18th – Jim Singer

19th – Brian Vanbuskirk

20th – Bill Brenner

21st – Nick Wummer

22nd – James Hammershock

23rd – Eric Beard

24th – Mr. Who

25th – Tommy Hiester

26th – Kris Keiper

27th – Kyle Wilbert

28th – Tim Kendil

Congrats to all of the racers who competed in our event. We hope that you enjoyed racing in the event.

A Brief Bio on Sam Heller

Here is a brief Bio on Sam Heller’s Slot Car racing through the years as I know it.  Sitting at the lunch table at Methacton High School sometime in the mid 70’s and I mentioned racing H.O Slot cars at our track in Trooper.  Sam heard me and said WHAT!.  That was kind of the start of Sam’s journey in the hobby.  He raced at our track Woodland Speedway and was Rookie of the year in 1975.  Sam won many features at Woodland and a some championships.  At the time our circuit consisted of many tracks running AFX, Magna-Tractions and T-jets.  Among the tracks Sam raced at were Audubon, Perkiomen, Tri-County, Landsdale, Norristown, Farview and of course his own track in Arcola which was appropriately name Bull Ring Speedway.  Sam is a front runner everywhere he hooks up and I still to this day enjoy when we are on the track together.  Many torrid battles have been staged.  Our early days included taking many trips to race at Tom Hiester’s and Big T’s as well as trips to Ace Lane and Clementine Speedways in NJ.  Sam went on to race for Bob Lincoln at Wizzard Racing after that in the early 80’s.  He had much success and is well respected on the National scene.  Sam dropped out of the hobby for a bit in the 90’s until I ran into him one time at the Supermarket. (Genuardi’s in Royersford)  I told him about a track in Kutztown that I was racing Tyco’s again and he gave it a try.  Hooked again, but I don’t think his wife Corrine was too happy with me. 

In round two of the hobby Sam got to reunite with old friends and make many new ones including many that are attending this weekends event at Little T’s Speedway in Myerstown.  Sam and I got to race last season together again at Hiester’s H.O. Raceway in Shillington, but this time we are the old guys.  At Randy’s Sam won 11 features over the years, including 5 in Modified, and 6 in IROC which Sam is always a force in.  The 11 wins place him in a tie for 10th all time at the Kutztown tracks.  Sam has also raced with many other organizations of which I am not always familiar with but there have been many.  Sam is currently an Officer with MAHOPRA and a regular racer as they travel that circuit in the PA and NJ area.

Sam also drove a Sportsman-Modified in the late 70’s at Grandview, Reading, East Windsor and Bridgeport.  The final race at the Reading Fairgrounds I was helping on our car for Charley Gilmore and we lost the engine during warm-ups.  I ran down and asked Sam if Charley could run his Coupe and Sam said sure.  Charley really liked the Motor that car had under the hood.

By Mark Williams

Randy Jay Haydt & Tom Wenner Split the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Coupe & 410 Sprint Car Doubleheader Features on the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval.

Randy’s Raceway FUN Race Results from Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Randy Jay Haydt driving his Freddy Adam #8 Nostalgia Coupe was on the mark on Tuesday Night winning 3 of 4 segments on the way to his Coupe feature win. Finishing in 2nd was Michael Mackaravitz with 1 segment win. Mike was been super fast this season and the switch to the Tri-Oval has not changed anything. Rounding out the Podium was Toby Reinhard who won 3 segments on the night.

Winner – Randy Jay Haydt

2nd – Michael Mackaravitz

3rd – Toby Reinhard

4th – Mike Fitzgerald

5th – Jim LeVan

6th – Bill Decker

7th – Tom Wenner

8th – Eric Beard

9th – James Hammershock

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Michael Mackaravitz and Chris Brubaker Score Convincing Feature Event Wins

Randy’s Raceway FUN Race Results – Tuesday, October 6, 2020

NASCAR  TYCO Feature Winner – Michael Mackaravitz

2nd – Tom Wenner

3rd – Randy Jay Haydt

4th – Bill Decker

5th – Chris Brubaker

6th – Jim LeVan

7th – James Hammershock

Michael Mackaravitz scores a convincing feature event win on NASCAR / IROC night @ Randy’s Raceway. Mike won 2 segments on the way to the win and was in the battle in all 4 races. 2nd Place went to Tom Wenner who also won 2 segments on the night. 3rd place only 1 track piece behind was track owner Randy Jay Haydt. Randy won 1 segment on the way to his podium standing.

IROC Tyco Wide Pan Chassis Dirt Modified Feature Winner – Chris Brubaker

2nd – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Bill Decker

5th – Michael Mackaravitz

6th- James Hammershock

7th – Tom Wenner

Chris Brubaker streaked to his 1st 2020 IROC Feature event win. Chris ran really strong edging our IROC King Randy Jay Haydt by 2 track sections for the win. Chris won 1 segment on the night. Randy won 2. Jim LeVan finished 3rd only 3 track segments behind Randy for 2nd, And only 5 away from Chris for the win. The top 3 were incredibly close. Jim won 2 segments on the night.

Pit Rumblings:

Congrats to Mike and Chris on their breakthrough feature event wins. 2020 is showing that this year is far more competitive with closer racing than in any year prior. While we are only racing lanes 3-4-5-6 – The racing is extremely tight, Nobody is walking away lapping the field and many races come down to the last lap with photo finishes. Several in both divisions this week once again. While no points are being kept, The coolness factor is pegged every week. Only 7 racers in the house this week, Several guys missing – Hiram, Toby, and Brian. All racing was completed by 800p. I am enjoying the early nights, It is nice to get home early. IROC racing this week – Randy provided TYCO 440X2 Wide Pan Chassis Dirt Mods with 5 ohm armatures by legend Edward Reifinger. These cars rocked around the Randy’s high banks. Good to see Mike and James running power this week. With these head counts, Everyone is jumping in.

Next Week: What everyone is waiting for – Coupe Bodied Modifieds & 410 Sprint Cars on the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. Yes, Folks – Wreckers stand by – Sprints on the Tri-Oval.

Doors Open @ 545p

Warmup’s @ 600p

Draw @ 645p

Racing @ 700p (Or earlier if ready)