Haydt wins the battle while Williams wins the war !

Track Owner Randy Jay Haydt wins the final NASCAR feature race of 2020 on the 8 Lane Tomy Oval. Randy running a freshly minted Freddy Mac painted Richard Petty #43 streaked to 5 segment wins in dominating fashion to score the feature event win. Chris Brubaker ran 1 of the strongest races all year in a very close 2nd place run. Chris won 2 segments on the night and his Decker Fab chassis was flying all night. Completing the podium on Tuesday, Mark Williams who wrapped up his 2020 NASCAR Point Title with a solid run in the top 3. Mark won 4 segments on the night. Mark won 4 NASCAR features in 2020 on the way to the point championship. Randy Haydt won 1 feature on the way to 2nd in points. [Read more…]

Williams, Haydt Tie For Modified Win

Racing came to an end on the Tri-Oval for this year but quite a night as 20 racers filled the pit area with plenty of well detailed COUPES. Close racing again as Mark Williams and Randy Haydt tied for the win with Mark getting credit for the win as he had 5 segment wins, Randy had 4. A strong run for Tom Wenner as he scored 3 segment wins, running his Jim Shampine #8 to finish 3rd. Just 9 pieces of track behind Tim”LittleT” Bowers ran the Norcia#81 to 4 segment wins for a good 4th place finish. Trailing Tim by just 14 pieces of track Scott Bender ran his Bob Malzahn#99 to a 5th place finish.

6th Brian S(1win), 7th Mike M, 8th Toby R(1win), 9th Billy D, 10th Hiriam D, 11th Jim L, 12th Cory R(2wins), 13th Sam H, 14th Brian V, 15th  Tony Z, 16th Savvy, 17th James H, 18th Larry S, 19th Joel L, 20th Austin Y.


COUPE CAKES: Third field of over 20 racers and good job to everyone getting the race over by 8:30, no curfew fines this week! Good night for Little T as he scored 4 segment wins to finish 4th. For the 1st time it seemed the Coupes provided even closer racing, hope we see them on next year’s schedule. Next Week Cup racing closes out it’s season on the 8 lane.


Randy Haydt Scores Second Sprint Win

Randy Haydt continued his strong Sprint car season as he scored 6 segment wins on way to his 2nd straight Winged win. Randy’s win was less than 1 lap. He held off a strong run from Tom Wenner who scored 4 segment wins for a good Runner Up finish. Trailing Tom by just 17 sections, Mark Williams scored 1 segment win on lane 1 than had a steady run of 19’s on way to a 3rd place finish. Strong run for Hiram Durant as he collected 4 segment wins on lanes 1-4 for a career best 4th place finish. Jim LeVan scored his 3rd Top 5 finish of the season to wind up 5th.


6th Scott B (1win), 7th Billy D, 8th Toby R, 9th Mike F, 10th Cory R, 11th Tony Z, 12th Brian V, 13th Jason B, 14th Savvy, 15th Austin Y, 16th Larry S.


HOT WINGS: Good to see Hiram Durant with a good run finishing 4th. Also good to see youngster Austin Yerk back making his 2nd Sprint car start, doing a good job with no come off”s. No security issues or Pit row problems as Jim L had everything under control! Next Week Modifieds on the Tri-Oval for the last time with Coupe Bodies.

Williams Edges Haydt for Photo Finish Modified Win

It was a “FEROCIOUS” finish Tuesday night on the Tri-Oval as Mark Williams scored his 8th win of the year by 1 piece of track over Randy Haydt. Each scored 5 segment wins as lane 1 was the difference as Mark scored 18.16 and Randy 18.15. Good Tri-Oval run by ‘Rookie” Mike Mackaravitz as he scored 1 segment win on way to a solid 3rd place finish. Scott Bender scored 1 segment win to finish 4th. Billy Decker scored his 3rd straight Top 5 winning 2 segments to round out the Top 5.

6th Jim L., 7th Brian S,  8th Cory R(2wins),  9th Tom W, 10th Sam H(1win), 11th Mike F, 12th Toby R, 13th Tony Z, 14th James H, 15th Gene K, 16th Larry S, 17th Joel L.

TRI-OVAL TALK: Another close finish among the Top 5 as they were separated by a lap and a half. Good having Gene Koose back with us. After his IROC win last week Sam Heller was back in the field getting a 10th place finish and a segment win. Next Week Sprint cars are back on the 8 lane, the following week Modifieds back on the Tri-Oval for the final time will be running Coupe bodies.

Sam Heller and Tom Wenner Race to IROC Victories

By Brian Sponagle

Seventeen racers checked into the pits for the IROC series double header at Randy’s Raceway Tuesday night January 28th. This would be the second double header of the six race series. The racing was highly competitive on Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. The action began with Dash IROC Indy T-Jets provided by Tom Wenner and expertly tuned by Hiram Durant. Sam Heller (2Wins) edged out Jim Levan (3 Wins) by two sections of track for the win. The top 4 racers were separated by only 5 sections of track. Finishing third was track owner Randy Haydt (2Wins), fourth was rookie Mike Mackaravitz who was edged out in a tie for third based on segment wins and finishing fifth was Hiram Durant (2 Wins). Rounding out the top ten, 6. Scott Bender, 7. Chris Brubaker (1 Win), 8. Brian Sponagle (1 Win), 9. Mark Williams and 10. Brian VanBuskirk (2 Wins). [Read more…]

Mark Williams Sweeps to Modified Win

Modified racing was back on the Tri-Oval and Mark Williams turned in a “Sweep” on way to his 4th straight Modified win. Having a solid run on the Tri-Oval, Tom Wenner scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes to finish 2nd. Trailing Tom by just 10 pieces of track was Jim LeVan scoring his 6th Top 5 of year with a steady 3rd place finish. Just 7 pieces of track behind, Billy Decker scored 1 segment win on way to a season best 4th place finish. After a bad start on lane 1 Randy Haydt came back to score 2 segment wins to close out the Top5.

6th Toby R.(2wins) 7th Mike F. (1win) 8th Brian S (3wins) 9th Scott B. 10th Tony Z,

11th-Cory R. 12th Hiriam D, 13th Brian V. 14th Savvy 15th Jason B. 16th Larry S. 17th Keith Sr. 18th Joey S. 19th Keith Jr.


TAKE OUTS: A good field of 19 racers entered. Good having Keith Stanley Jr making his 1st laps on the Tri-Oval, did well having no crash out’s. Close racing from 2nd to 5th separated by 1 lap. And 6th to 8th also separated by 1 lap. Good night for Spanky as he survived the night not getting run over! Next Week IROC doubleheader on the Tri-Oval.

Randy Haydt Gets First Sprint Win

Randy Haydt ended his string of Runner Up finishes with his 1st winged win of the season. Haydt drew the lucky #7 pill then collected 4 segment wins to score the victory. Randy held off Mark Williams by 29 pieces of track, a strong run for Mark who scored 3 segment wins on his way to a 2nd place finish. Turning in his best Sprint car run, Toby Reinhard ran his #24 car to 5 segment wins to finish 3rd. Just 20 pieces of track behind Scott Bender scored 3 segment wins to finish 4th. [Read more…]

Mark Williams Scores 6th Modified Win

Point leader Mark Williams added to his lead Tuesday night as racing was back on the Tri-Oval.  Williams scored 5 segment wins to earn the victory and his 3rd in a row. A solid run by Randy Haydt in his Freddy Adam Coupe as he rolled to 1 segment win on lane 5 for the Runner Up finish. Good Tri-Oval run by Toby Reinhard as he scored 2 segment wins to finish 3rd. Scott Bender scored a nice 4th place finish, it was his 2nd straight Modified race on the Tri-Oval with no fall off’s. Billy Decker recovered from a slow start on the front lanes and came back to score 2 segment wins to close out the Top 5.

6th Jim LeVan ( 1 win ), 7th Brian Sponagle, 8th Tony Zappacosta ( 1 win ), 9th Mike Mackaravitz, 10th Cory Reinhard, 11th Brian Vanbuskirk 12th James Hammershock. Next Week the Sprint cars return for their 4th race of the season.

MarkWilliams sweeps both ends of the New Years Holiday Thursday Night Thunder Tri-Oval Twin 10 Special

NASCAR Champion Mark Williams started off 2020 with a bang, Sweeping both ends of the NASCAR Twin 10 New Years Holiday Special Event at Randy’s Raceway. Mark won 4 segments in the 1st race on the way to victory lane. In the 2nd Twin 10, Mark won 5 segments to secure the victory. Jim LeVan who is always very strong on the Tri-Oval track scored 2 Runner-up finishes on Thursday night. Jim scored 2 segments wins in both races while powering to 2 podium runs on the night. Cory Reinhard tied Randy J. for 3rd place in race 1, But won out over Randy based on race wins. Cory won 3 segments while Randy only had 2. Randy finished 4th with a strong run using the reliable Danica ride. Brian Sponagle capped the Top 5 of drivers in race 1, Scoring 3 segment wins. [Read more…]

Randy’s Raceway Mid Season Recap

With the season quickly at its Halfway point here is a brief review of what has happened this year in each division.


The modified field keep getting stronger with 4 fields over 20 and a record of 25 racers for the Holiday race. Last year’s Modified point champ Mark Williams has scored 5 wins and is holding a 12 point lead over Cory Reinhard. A strong start this year for Cory as he has collected 2 wins and 3 Runner Up finishes. Randy Haydt holds down the 3rd spot by 3 points over Jim LeVan who got to the winner’s circle 1 time this year and has added 4 Top 5 finishes. Toby Reinhard is in 5th a tie for 6th with Tim ” Little T ” Bowers and Tom Wenner, Scott Bender 8th Mike Mackaravitz 9th and Billy Decker 10th


Tom Wenner opened the season with his 1st career Cup win, Mark Williams scored the next 2 wins, while Jim LeVan won the annual Road Course race. Mark goes into the final 3 races holding a 6 point  edge on Tom Wenner. While Randy Haydt, Jim Levan and Brian Sponagle are holding down the rest of the Top 5.The NASCAR opener turned out a field of 22 racers.


Going into the final 3 races Tom Wenner is holding a slim 6 point lead while Tom has won the last 2 races, Randy Haydt has had a strong season having 3 straight Runner Up finishes, Randy and Opening night winner Mark Williams are tied for 2nd. Jim LeVan is 4th and Scott Bender 5th.


With only 2 races in last years IROC champ Randy Haydt looks to be tough again. Randy has scored both wins in the season opening Doubleheader on the Tub Track. Mike Mackaravitz and Brian Sponagle are tied for 2nd while Chris Brubaker and Jim LeVan are tied for 4th. IROC racing returns in January with another doubleheader on the Tri-Oval.