Randy Jay Haydt Breaks into the ’22-23 Season Winner’s Circle

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night NASCAR Thunder Race Results from Tuesday, October 25, 2022 🏁
Randy Jay Haydt breaks into the ’22-23 season winner’s circle with tie-breaker victory with Matt Light 🏆
Randy Jay Haydt & Matt Light both finished the night with identical winning feature event scores. To make it even more suprising, both Haydt & Light each 1 won segment on the night. Race Control had to move to the 2nd tie-breaker to determine the actual race winner as Haydt squeaked out the victory by having 2 less de-slots than Light. Randy Jay Haydt de-slotted 10x’s and Matt Light had 12, Congrats to both Randy and Matt on a SUPER night of racing on the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. Shane Hiester wrapped up the podium with a 3rd place run. Hiester won 2 segments as he continues his mastery of the Tri-Oval.
4th – Jordan Hess – 1 segment win
5th – Bill Decker – 2 segment wins
6th – Sheldon Hiester – 2 segment wins
7th – Mike Fitzgerald – 2 segment wins
8th – Scott Bender
9th – Jim LeVan
11th – Ashley Hess
Harry Gant #️3️⃣3️⃣ Notes:
11 racers in attendance for Tyco NASCAR action. It was a night of tiebreakers, Congrats to Randy & Matt on the tiebreaker finish. Scott Bender and Jim LeVan tied for 8th with Scott stealing the 8th spot. Vintage Coupes return to the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval this Tuesday night.
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Shane Hiester Continues His Dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval

Randy’s Raceway Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results

Shane Hiester continues his dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval with a perfect Rob London Memorial Series Round #1 Feature Win

Shane Hiester has made the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval his personal playground over the past year and Tuesday Night when Round 1 of the 3 race Memorial Triple Crown Series started, Hiester ran a perfect race winning all 6 races. Hiester’s dominance on the Tri-Oval shows a run of winning 8 of 18 Tri-O races running back to last year. 6 Modified Feature wins, 1 NASCAR and 1 IROC win. On Tuesday in Rob London Memorial Vintage Coupe action, Shane was near perfect only de-slotting once on lane 2. The rest was clear and green for the Shillington racer. Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt once again hit the podium with a 2nd place finish. Haydt won 2 segments on lane 4 & 5 in the runnerup run. Sheldon Hiester put his vintage coupe into the final podium spot at 3rd with 1 segment on lane 4.

4th – Matt Light – 3 segment wins

5th – Mike Fitzgerald – 3 segment wins

6th – Scott Bender

7th – Jordan Hess

8th – Tom Wenner

9th – Jim LeVan

10th – Toby Reinhard – 1 segment win

11th – Bill Decker

12th – Tony Zappacosta

13th – Brian Vanbuskirk

14th – Eric Beard

15th – Ashley Hess

16th – Austin Y.

Memorial Notes:

16 Strong in the pit area for the 1st race of the Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Series. Thank You to Randy to creating Stickers to celebrate our fallen Slot Car heroes. Rob was a friend to all of us and is greatly missed by all. Rob loved those coupes when we raced on the Tri-Oval, I am sure that he is cheering us on..

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October 25, 2022

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The Hiester Brothers Sweep Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval Feature Events

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Thunder Doubleheader of TYCO

NASCAR & IROC Race Results on the Tricky Tri-Oval

Sheldon in NASCAR and Shane in IROC

Sheldon Hiester was the TYCO NASCAR winner at Randy’s Raceway’s for Race #2 of the 2022-23′ season. Sheldon won the NASCAR hardbody special by scoring 4 segment wins on 2,3,4 and 6. Heister cruised to the victory by 10 segments over 2nd place finisher Randy Jay Haydt. The track promoter has been consistently in the top 3 most of the season but has been kept out of victory lane so far this year. Haydt won 2 segments on the night. Wrapping up 3rd place on the night was Matt Light. Light just missed 2nd place by 2 track segments. Matt won segments on lanes 3,4, and 5. [Read more…]

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Thunder Vintage Coupe Race Results


Matt Light tackles the Randy’s Raceway Tricky Tri-Oval going back to back in Modified competition with his 2nd Modified win of the ’22-23 season, this time in the vintage coupe class

Light won the last Modified race on the 8 lane oval and the defending champ is serving notice that Team Light has those Tyco’s hooked up for ’22-23 season. Light won 4 of the 6 segments on the Tricky Tri-Oval in covering the field by a full lap. Matt won on lanes 2,3,5 and 6. Sheldon Hiester and Randy Jay Haydt tied for 2nd place. Hiester the Opening Day Modified winner won 4 segments and broke the 2nd place tie by a segment win tiebreaker. Track owner Randy Jay Haydt scored segment wins on lanes 2,3 and 4 while locking down the final spot on the podium.

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Matt Light Rips to Opening Day Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Victory

Sprint Car Opening Day Race Results from Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Matt Light rips to Opening Day Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Victory
Matt Light just missed scoring the 20th anniversary Sprint Car point title by 3 points, But he is starting the ’22-23 off with a bang scoring a strong victory. Light won 2 feature events in ’22 and appears to be ready to challenge for another Sprint Car title. Light won 50% of the segments raced on Tuesday scoring wins on 2,4 and 5 to seal the victory. Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt started the Sprint Car season off with a strong run. Randy won 2 segments to secure 2nd place. Former Sprint Car Champ, Sheldon Hiester won 2 segments to complete the podium.
4th – Shane Hiester – 2 segment wins
5th – Scott Bender – 1 segment win
6th – Toby Reinhard – 1 segment win
7th – Jim LeVan – 1 segment win
8th – Mike Fitzgerald – 2 segment wins
9th – Jordan Hess – 1 segment win
10th – Eric Beard
11th – Bill Decker
12th – John Kosmoski
15th – Ashley H.
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Tuesday, October 4
Modified Racing moves to the famed Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. Breakout out those cool vintage coupe bodies for competition on the tricky Tri-Oval.
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Matt Light Wins Randy’s Raceway Modified Race #2 of the ’22-23 season

Modified Race Results from Tuesday, September 20, 2022 🏁
Matt Light wins Randy’s Raceway Modified race #2 of the ’22-23 season
Matt Light is the defending Modified Point Champion at Randy’s Raceway and he is off to an outstanding start of the new season with podium finishes in both Modified events that were run this season. Light finished 3rd in the opener and followed up with a strong win on Tuesday night. Matt won 50% of the lanes raced winning on 3, 4, 5 and 6. Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt finished a strong second on Tuesday. Randy won 2 segments and snuck by Toby Reinhard for 2nd by only 4 track segments. Toby wrapped up the podium with a great run late in the racing action. Toby won 6 of 8 segments to hit the podium.
4th – Eric Beard – 1 segment win
5th – Mike Fitzgerald – 1 segment win
8th – Jim LeVan
9th – Shane Hiester – 1 segment win
10th – Jordan Hess
11th – Bill Decker
12th – Hiram Durant
13th – Dan Wirfel
8 Lane Notes:
15 Strong in the pit area. Special Thanks to Dan Wirfel for the photo coverage of the action on Tuesday.

Shane Hiester Sneaks by Matt Light for the NASCAR Opening Day Feature Win

Opening Day Race Results – Tuesday, September 13, 2022 🏁
Shane Hiester sneaks by Matt Light for the Tuesday Night Thunder NASCAR Opening Day Feature Win 🏆
Shane Hiester finished 6th in points last year and did not score a feature win feature in NASCAR competition, But Heister changed that at the start of the 22-23′ season by scoring a narrow 3 segment victory over Matt Light. Shane finished the night with an 89/5 while Light scored a 89/2. Shane had 3 segment wins and Matt had 2. Both drivers raced each other from the 1st & 3rd position on the track. Just tight good racing at Randy’s Raceway all night long on the 8 lane oval. Jordan Hess wrapped up the podium spot in 3rd. Jordan with 2 segment wins racing from the 12th spot on the track.
4th – Randy Jay Haydt – 2 segment wins
5th – Jim LeVan – 2 segment wins
6th – Hiram Durant
8th – Scott Bender
9th – Bill Decker
10th – John Kosmoski
11th – Sheldon Hiester – 1 segment wins
12 Racers were in attendance. Congrats to Shane Hiester and Matt Light on the great battle for win.
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Randy’s Raceway ’22 Season Opener Race Results

Randy’s Raceway ’22 Season Opener Race Results

Sheldon Hiester starts off the ’22 season with a Opening Day Modified Feature Win

Sheldon Hiester took down his 1st ’22 Randy’s Raceway checkered flag with a Modified Open Day Feature Win. Hiester finished the ’21-22 season 3rd in Modified points and narrowly squeezed out the win by 9 track sections over Eric Beard. Sheldon won 3 track segments on the way to scoring the feature win. Eric Beard back by 9 from the win also scored 3 segment wins. ’21-22 Modified Champion Matt Light tied Eric Beard with an exact same score of 89 laps and 6 sections, but lost the runnerup by having only 1 segment v. Eric’s 3 on the tiebreaker. Light was in full season form with 1 de-slot all night. [Read more…]

Randy’s Raceway 20th Anniversary Season Championship Banquet & IROC Race

By: Wenner Media Group

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4 Champions were crowned at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday.

Modified Matt Light

NASCAR Randy Jay Haydt

Sprint Car Sheldon Hiester

IROC Michael Mackaravitz

Randy truly goes all out when he celebrates his season at the banquet each year. This year was no different. The sticker machine was running on overload as Mr. Haydt had a special sticker for every celebration possible. A word heard often on Tuesday “I am in sticker contention” [Read more…]

Sheldon Hiester Stakes Claim to the ’22 Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Title

Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Championship Night Race Results from Tuesday, March 29th

Sheldon Hiester stakes claim to the ’22 Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Title with his 3rd Sprint Car feature win of the season

In the final race event of the ’22 season, The 410 Sprint Cars were scheduled on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval. Sheldon Hiester and Matt Light came into the event in a tie for the championship points. Both drivers entered the evening tied in points and feature wins with 2 a piece. In what was a very stressful night for Sheldon, He broke his ride winning car down and rebuilt it in the pit area right before green flag racing started. The attention in the pit area certainly helped the Hiester 410, Sheldon was on the mark winning 5 straight segments and coming close in the 6th. Sheldon only de-slotted 3 times all night. With the victory, Sheldon secured the ’22 Sprint Car title by 3 points. [Read more…]