Tom Wenner and Billy Decker are feature winners on Modified and Sprint Car Night at Randy’s Raceway

Modified Race Results:

Winner:   Tom Wenner

2nd Place:  Brian Sponagle

3rd Place: Randy Jay Haydt

Tom Wenner races a fresh Decker Motorsports built car to a convincing 1st career Modified Feature Win. Tom won all 4 segments on the way to his 1st career Modified feature win. Finishing in 2nd having a very strong night with 1 segment was Brian Sponagle.  Brian won 1 segment win. Rounding out the podium was track promoter Randy Jay Haydt. Randy won 1 segment. The top 3 were extremely tight, All on the lead lap. Only 10 track pieces separated 1st to 3rd.

4th – Toby Reinhard

5th – Mike Fitzgerald

6th – Eric Beard

7th – Jim LeVan

8th – Bill Decker

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Randy Jay Haydt and Mike Fitzgerald are feature event winners on week

 #3 of the FUN themed season.

8 drivers in the house for week #3 of FUN themed racing. Once again racing 3-4-5-6 lanes on the 8 lane oval. NASACR and Race 1 in the IROC Series. Great job by everyone sharing the duties in completing the race night by 815p. NASCAR was up 1st,

Randy Jay Haydt   was on his game winning the feature by 5 segments over Tom Wenner.   Jim LeVan was strong winning 3 segments and only behind 2nd by 4 segments and the win by 9 segments. We have seen some of the tightest racing in years this season.

NASCAR Tyco 440×2 Winner – Randy Jay Haydt

2nd – Tom Wenner

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Michael Mackaravitz

5th – James Hammershock

6th – Mike Fitzgerald

7th – Bill Decker

8th – Randy Heilman

IROC Series – Race #1 Tyco US #1 Dump Trucks

Winner – Mike Fitzgerald

2nd – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Tom Wenner

5th – Michael Mackaravitz

6th – James Hammershock

7th – Randy Heilman

8th – Bill Decker


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Randy’s Raceway Modified with Sprint Car FUN Race Results

Randy’s Raceway FUN Race Results from Tuesday, September 15, 2020
On tap – A Dirt Modified / 410 Sprint Car Double Header
Podium – Modified
Dirt Modified Winner – #117  Randy Jay Haydt
2nd – Mike Fitzgerald
3rd – Tom Wenner
Balance of Mod Field Finish:
4th – Eric Beard
5th – James Hammershock
6th – Jim LeVan
7th – Toby Reinhard
8th – Hiram Durant
9th – Michael Mackaravitz
10th – Bill Decker
11th – Brian Sponagle
Podium 410 Sprints
410 Sprint Car Winner – #9   Mike Fitzgerald
2nd – Randy Jay Haydt
3rd – Michael Mackaravitz
Balance of 410 Sprint Finish:
4th – Tom Wenner
5th – Toby Reinhard
6th – James Hammershock
7th – Jim LeVan
8th – Hiram Durant
9th – Brian Sponagle
10th – Bill Decker
11th – Eric Beard
Track Owner/Promoter Randy Jay Haydt had his Hirther 117 flying in the Modified Race. Once again, Only racing lanes 3-4-5-6, Haydt was consistent and scored the feature win. 1 segment win for Randy. Mike Fitzgerald came to race on Tuesday, Scoring a win in 410’s and 2nd place in Mods. Mike won 1 segment in Mods. Tom Wenner ran strong winning 3 segments, But had a poor showing on lane 5 cost him a better finish.

In 410 racing, Mike Fitzgerald left no doubt as he ripped the lip and flew to the feature event win. Fitzie swept all 4 segments and ran away from the field to the win. Randy J. had a great night with a Sprint Car 2nd place run paired with a Modified win. Randy won 3 segments on the night in 410’s.

Michael Mackaravitz

made the podium for the 1st time in 2020. Mike had a very fast 410 on the night, Winning 1 segment.

Wing and Sheetmetal Notes:

11 strong in the limited pit area. We are back to racing Tuesday Nights once again, The ordinance has been placed on hold and we can run for now. Again, All necessary safety precautions are taking place. Masks Mandatory. We ran a twin bill of divisions racing on lanes 3-4-5-6 and were completed by 815p. Great job by everyone keeping the show moving and helping out. Everyone is very excited with the changes that we are making to the racing – Having FUN is the key.

Michael Mackaravitz

– Look out for Team Mac this season, Mike has built some rockets and He and James are serving notice they are ready to race. James won segments this week and his 1st victory lane is coming soon. Great to have Fitzie back with us. Mike was equally strong on the night. Word in the pits, Hiram Durant is looking for a new crew chief. Good to have Eric back with us, Eric was fast and challenging for the checker in Mods. If anyone needs parts – Billy D. has the speed shop fully stocked.

Toby Reinhard

is stocked with new colorful 410 bodies, vintage mods and always something interesting. Next week – Nascar & IROC Racing on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval.




Wenner Opens the Fun Randy’s Raceway Season with a Nascar Win

Randy’s Raceway Opening Night Tuesday, September 8, 2020 FUN Race Results

Winner – Tom Wenner

2nd Place – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd Place –   Jim LeVan

The doors have finally opened at Randy’s Raceway and the FUN themed season is off a SPEEDY start. 

Tom Wenner   scored a convincing Nascar Feature win with a perfect race night winning all 4 lanes and having zero de-slots. Finishing in second place was track promoter Randy Jay Haydt who scored 2 segment wins on his way to the runnerup finish. Jim Levan rounded out the Nascar podium with a solid 3rd place run.

4th-  Chris Brubaker

5th – Hiram Durant

6th – Brian Sponagle

7th – Toby Reinhard

8th – Bill Decker

9th – Austin Yerk





Door Slammer Notes:

Track Promoter Randy held a short driver’s meeting at the start of the night to review a potential Kutztown Boro Ordinance they may affect racing moving forward this season. Randy reviewed with the driver’s in attendance a plan to race on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights this season in smaller groups of 10 or less. Please stay tuned to the tracks Facebook Page, Website and Email for details this weekend in regard to racing next week. Randy will need to know in advance of all driver’s plans to race so we can provide a racing slot on 1 of the 2 scheduled race nights…More details to come on this. With 9 drivers in attendance for the new FUN themed racing Nascar Tyco 440×2 Bodied cars were on the card for racing. It was decided by the group to race 4 lanes – 3,4,5, and 6 and race for 15 laps. Action in the Hot Lanes was fiercely competitive. We saw some of the most competitive wheel to wheel racing in several years. We had 2 photo finishes that needed a camera replay to determine the winners. Almost every segment the race for the lead was 2 & 3 wide racing down to the finish.

Randy’s Raceway Season Notice

Hi to all Racers,
After a good bit of thought and a reflection of previous years I believe that we all have had a part in the existence of Randy’s Raceway. Especially for what it has become today created by all of you, a fun and enjoyable place to race. As we look to the future we are being forced to consider handling things a bit outside of the box for everyone. The Corona virus is affecting everyone in many different ways, I am being challenged with the burden of making some extremely difficult decisions regarding our season in front of us. Some of the challenges that I am facing, Will it still be fun and enjoyable if people feel uncomfortable or excluded in one way or another to race at Randy’s Raceway. The answer is NO. With that said, I am very sorry to announce that Randy’s Raceway Summer Schedule, Banquet, Driver’s Meeting and the 2020 – 2021 Season is postponed until further notice. There will be a time when we can resume this great hobby in the near future having better conditions to enjoy our friendship and passion for racing HO scale slot cars. I truly hope you understand my decision and everyone please stay safe and healthy.
Randy Jay Haydt
Randy’s Raceway

Randy Haydt “ DOMINATES “ Sprint Car Season

After missing out of the Sprint car title last year by 3 points Randy Haydt came into this campaign being sure for that not to happen a again. Randy had a super fast Green machine all year as he racked up the most segment wins ( 25 ), scored 2 wins late in the season, along with 4 Runner Up’s on way to a convincing but very close point title. Randy was on his game all year as he held off a strong run from last year’s champion Mark Williams. Randy held off Mark by 6 points. Mark had a strong season as he opened the season with a win and ended the season with a win, along with 4 Top 5 runs in the middle of the year. Big improvement for Tom Wenner as he scored his 1st career winged win than came back to make it 2 straight wins finishing off the season 3rd in the final totals. Scott Bender had a good year as he scored 5 Top 5 ‘s, along with 8 segment wins to finish 4th. Jim LeVan had his usual steady season running his brightly colored #1 to a 5th place finish. Jim had a season best 3rd place run in mid season, along with 2 segment wins.

6 – 10 – Toby Reinhard improved 1 spot from last year to finish 6th, Billy Decker opened the season with a 4th place finish, was 7th, Hiriam Durant had a late season 4th place finish, along with 4 segment wins was 8th, Tony Zappacosta scored his best Sprint car finish with 5th place finish was 9th, and Brian Vanbuskirk had a 8th place finish early in the year to close out the Top 10.

11th – Larry Sanders 12th / Cory Reinhard ( 3 wins ) / 13th Brian Sponagle ( 1 win ) / 14th Jason Bender / 15th Austin Yerk.

FEATURE WINNERS: Williams, Wenner, Haydt all with 2.

SEGMENT WINS: Haydt 25, Williams 17, Wenner 16, Reinhard 9, Bender 8.

SPRINT STUFF: We got all 6 races in this year, had 10 different segment winners. 23 racers made starts in this fast class. Final 3 races of the year we had 2 ” Rookies ” in the field as Jay Bender and Austin Yerk did a good job with these fast machines. Want to thank our part time racer / flagger Brian S. If you are looking for a new Sprint car body for next year check out the bodies Toby is fine tuning on.

2019-2020 Randy’s Raceway NASCAR Season Review

Mark Williams secures the Nascar Point Championship riding a 4 feature win run. Legendary driver Mark Williams continues to set the mark as the driver to beat at Randy’s Raceway. Mark won 4 of the 7 feature events run at Randy’s. Leading the way with 27 segment wins over the schedule of the season. A total of 25 drivers raced during the season battle at Randy’s Raceway. Finishing in 2nd place is track owner Randy Jay Haydt. Randy won the final Nascar feature event of the season to cap his consistent 2nd place run of the season. Randy scored 22 segment wins over the course of the season long run. Jim LeVan rounds out the Top 3 point award finishing spots for the Nascar division. Jim was a feature event winner on the single run of the Aurora Tub Track. Jim score 15 segment wins over the course of the season long battle. Finishing 4th in points was Tom Wenner, Tom was the Opening Night Nascar feature event winner. Tom had 16 segment wins during the season of Nascar racing. Wrapping up the Top 5 in points, Brian Sponagle, Spoons scored 10 segment win while racing to the Top 5 point finish. [Read more…]


With another good season of Modified racing now in the books Mark Williams again had a sensational season as he collected 9 feature wins on way to another Modified title. Mark won 3 of the 1st 4 events to open up a sizeable lead that was never threatened, Despite not getting to the winners circle Randy Haydt was a threat every night as he posted 3 Runner Up finishes and 7 more Top 5’s on way to a strong 2nd place finish. A good year for TCSA racing as Cory Reinhard visited victory lane 2 times, had 3 Runner Up finishes to post a 3rd place finish in the final totals. Just 8 points behind, Jim LeVan turned in another steady season as he scored a win in November than added 6 more Top 5’s to finish 4th in the final standing. Closing out the Top5 Tom Wenner improved 3 spots from last year, came close to getting that 1st Modified win, as he had 2 Runner Up’s capping off a fine season. Trailing Tom by just 9 points, Toby Reinhard posted 5 Top 5’s, won 12 segments to finish 6th. Just 1 point behind Toby, Scott Bender broke into the Top 5 4 times to finish 7th in the final standing. Billy Decker used a strong 2nd half of the season that included 3 Top 5’s to finish 8th. Brian Sponagle had a 4th place finish in mid season, scored 13 segment wins to finish 9th. Mike Mackaravitz finished off a good ” Rookie ” season scoring 10 segment wins to close out the Top10.

( 11 – 15 ) – 11th James H. ( 4 wins ) /12th Brian V. / 13th Larry S. / 14th TIE Hiriam D. ( 1 win ) and TonyZ, ( 1 win )


Modified class again drew some big fields as we had 5 races with fields of 20 or more with a record 23 entered for the annual XMas race. The final Modified race this year on the Tri-Oval feature beautiful Coupe bodies made by Fred Mccullouch. Hope to see the Coupe’s back again next year.Top 11 in points won segments, with a total of 18 different segment winners.Congrats goes out to John Kosmoski on getting his 1st Modified win as it turned out to be our last Modified race of the season which was also Bob Amore / Rob London Memorial race. Remembering 2 great guys that we lost this year and we all miss. Want to thank Jodi for doing a great job on the computer this year ( and having to put up with Randy ! ) Also want to Thank Billy Decker for helping to get Steve Sabo for his sponsorship this year.

To All Racers and Friends of Randy’s Raceway

After great consideration we have decided that our season has come to a conclusion.  We are a slot car racing club and extended family.  And such as it is we have all our members to consider from our newest born to our older racers.  We need to take the current situation seriously and as much as we love the hobby and we all miss racing, these are unforeseen times.  This message is not all doom and gloom though, when this state of emergency is over and we are given an all clear let’s have a banquet, truck race, celebration of Wyatt and a blow out party for all to enjoy.

With deep respect and a wish for everyone’s health to be good.

Randy’s Raceway

Williams Wins Sprint Finale Haydt Takes Championship

Mark Williams capped off the Sprint car season with his 2nd win of the year, scoring 5 segment wins. Mark’s win was less than 1 lap ahead of Randy Haydt who dominated the season from the start was 2nd, also claiming 5 segment wins. Cory Reinhard returned to his Sprint car form of last year as he scored 1 segment win, turning in a season best 3rd place run. Scott Bender had a steady run as he collected a 4th place finish. Toby Reinhard scored 1 segment win to finish 5th, that was his 3rd Top 5 finish of the year.

6th Jim L. (1win),  7th Tom W (1win),  8th Brian S.,  9th Billy D (1win), 10th Brian V., 11th Tony Z, 12th Jay B, 13th Larry S, 14th Mike Z, 15th Austin Yerk.


Good having Mike Z back with us getting his 1st chance running these Super fast machines. Mike did well not having any crash outs. In need of a sharp Sprint car body check out the ones Toby is making. Congrats to our Sprint car champ Randy Haydt, more on that when the Sprint car Review comes out after the season. Modifieds are back on the 8 lane next week.