Kisthardt Scores Cup Win, ” Fitzy ” Takes IROC Win

Holiday doubleheader action was on tap at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday night and in the Cup opener Bryan Kisthardt turned in a perfect run winning all 6 segments to score his 3rd Cup win of the season. Randy Haydt scored 3 segment wins on the inner lanes to turn in his best Cup finish of the year coming home 2nd. Billy Decker scored 3 segment wins on way to a solid 3rd place finish, his 4th straight Top 5 of the season. John Kosmoski seems to have the new Tri -Oval surface figured out as he scored his 1st segment win of the year and a good 4th place finish. Mark Williams had a solid run going winning 2 segments but a rare crash out on lane 6 hurt his chances but still came home with a 5th place finish.

6th Mike Fitzgerald / 7th Brian Sponagle / 8th Scott Bender / 9th Tony Zappacosta ( 1win ) / 10th Brian VanBuskirk


It was race 4 of the IROC season this race with AW SUPER III cars. The 6 lap segments lead to some very close finishes and some very hard wrecks, making his 1st appearance at Randy’s Raceway this year and on the new surface Mike Fitzgerald scored 4 segment wins on way to his 1st IROC win. Long time regular Alex Amore scored 2 segment wins on way to a good 2nd place finish. Only 8 pieces of track behind point leader Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins to finish 3rd. Trailing Mark by only 3 pieces of track Billy Decker and Scott Bender crossed the line in a tie for 4th.

6th Randy Haydt / 7th Bryan Kisthardt ( 1win ) / 8th Brian Sponagle ( 1win ) / 9th Cory Reinhart/10th John Kosmoski ( 1win ).

Good to see Bob& Alex Amore back with us along with Mike Fitzgerald. Good runs turned in by John Kosmoski 4th, Tony Zappacosta his 1st segment win and a 9th place finish, and Brian Van Buskirk 10th all in Cup action. Congrats to Mike F on the IROC win, and to Alex Amore finishing 2nd. Thanks to everyone who flagged, including Adam Zappacosta who flagged for his 1st time and did a good job. Fitzy’s win in IROC makes it 4 winners in 4 races. From 2nd to 9th in IROC were seperated by 1 lap. Thanks to Randy for preparing the cars, maybe we will see them later this year.

Berks Lebanon Modified Racing Series Starts Saturday December 5, 2015

Race 1 of the Berks Lebanon Modified Racing Series will be at ‘Little T’s” Raceway  in Myerstown PA on Saturday December 5th. Practice starts at 1 racing at 2. Hot Stock arms will be 1 class, Tyco arms will be the 2nd.

Kisthardt Wins Mod Main

Veteran racer Bryan Kisthardt continued his great start to the season winning his forth straight Modified main this week at Randy’s Raceway.  17 racers were in attendance  and the action looked close all night right from the practice sessions.  Kisthardt won all lanes except lane one to pick up the win in his brand new Amore body.  It looked like another veteran Jim LeVan was going to end a dry spell after a 19.13 on lane one he went on a tear and won 4 straight.  But really struggled on lane six and ran many laps on the bubble,  this relegated him to a fourth on the night.  Mark Williams won two segments to come home runnerup and had a couple of great battles with Tony Zappacosta on lanes four and five.  Third spot went to last weeks Sprint winner Scott Bender who continues his fine string of runs this year as well.  LeVan was fourth followed by Brian Sponagle who picked off a segment win on lane three and finished a strong fifth.  Rounding out the top ten were   Big T,   Cory Reinhard,   Randy Haydt,   Billy Decker    and   Chris Brubaker.

Modified Madness-

There never seems to be any boundary issues on the Tri-oval because we have green tape on the floor.  A special thanks to Randy for repaving the Tri-Oval after 15 seasons it was time and thanks to Jim LeVan for much of the track to complete the project we never missed a race and Randy spent a lot of time to make it right.  Thanks to Billy Decker and John Kosmoski for helping me with the flagger duties.  With a real strong field of 17 racers we had 8 different segment winners.  Tony Zappacosta had so much fun winning his first modified segment this season on lane four he came back and won number two on lane six.  Congrats to Tony who had a great run this week.  Good to have three veterans in the field again John Kosmoski, Big T and Bill Brenner.  Brian Vanbuskirk had a real good run on lane two and wound up 13th in the feature.  Hopefully Brian gets that segment win soon.  Also thanks to Gary Zappacosta for helping turn marshal (Ralph?)

Scott Bender Scores First Sprint Car Win

Sprint car racing returned to Randy’s Raceway for race 2 of the sprint car season and Scott Bender ended a 5year win less skid. After hooking up on the wrong terminals on lane 1, Scott scored 5 segment wins on way to the winged win. Bryan Kisthardt ran his Fred Rahmer #51 to 5 segment wins to claim a solid 2nd place run. Mark Williams continues to have mechanical issues but still turned in steady run’s of 19’s to finish 3rd. Toby Reinhard scored his 1st Sprint car segment win, and his 1st top 5 finish, coming home 4th. railing Toby by only 13 sections was Cory Reinhard also collected his 1st Sprint car segment win, along with his 1st top 5 finish, to close out the top 5.
6th Billy Decker 7th Randy Haydt  8th Brian Sponagle  9th Tony Zappacosta  10th Adam Zappacosta.
Close racing in mid pack as 4th – 7th place were less than 1 lap apart. Good job to everyone who flagged including Brian S, Randy, Billy and Mark. Randy had a slight problem getting started on lane 1 he was hooked up, but his car was not on the line ? THANKS to randy for his work on repaving the Tri-Oval getting it ready for the next race Tuesday for Modified action.

Kisthardt Wins Third Mod Main

Bryan Kisthart won his second Modified Feature in a row and third of the season last week at Randy’s Raceway.  He won 7 segments on the night. Second spot went to Mark Williams winner of three segments.  Third spot went to veteran Scott Bender who won a segment.  Cory Reinhard continues his fine season with a fourth spot and a segment win.  Rounding out the top five was Billy Decker who had 2 segment wins.

NOTES-  Nice to see the improvement this season for Adam Zapocosta and also thank to him for helping with the computer work.  Bill Brenner made his first start of the season and picked up a segment win on lane 3 to go along with his 7th place run.  Also great to have Corey Bailey in the field this week his modified is still fast.

Bryan Kisthardt Gets Second Cup Win

Doubleheader action was on tap for the 8 lane fast track Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway. The opening night winner Bryan Kisthardt ran his Budweiser #8 to 5 segment wins on way to his 2nd Cup win of the year. Mark Williams battled back from a slow start on lane 1 due to rear gear issues but still collected 3 segment wins on way to a 2nd place finish. After winning his 1st segment in the last Cup race Cory Reinhart turned in 2 more segment wins on way to a career best 3rd place finish. Scott Bender ran his M&M’s #38 to a 4th place finish his 2nd Top 5 run of the year. Billy Decker ran the Olive Garden #25 to a 5th place finish his 3rd Top 5 of the Cup season.

6th Jim Levan ( 1win ) / 7th Randy Haydt ( 2wins ) / 8th Toby Reinhart ( 2wins ) / 9th Brian Sponagle / 10th Tony Zappacosta.
Mark Williams Scores IROC Win

Race 3 of the IROC season were run with Aurora T-Jets with well detailed throw back paint schemes, thanks to Brian Sponagle. Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins on way to a very close win, his 1st IROC win of the season. Marks win was by only 3 pieces of track ahead of Bryan Kisthardt who scored 1 segment win to finish 2nd. Making his 1st IROC start of the season Dave Fitzgerald turned in a very strong 3rd place finish. Dave was only 3 pieces of track behind Bryan. Brian Sponagle scored 1 segment win, for a good 4th place finish his 3rd Top 5 IROC finish. Winner of the IROC opener Toby Reinhart scored 2 segment wins to finish 5th.

6th Jim Levan ( 2wins ) / 7th Brian Vanbuskirk / 8th Cory Reinhart ( 2wins ) / 9th Randy Haydt / 10th Billy Decker ( 1win ).

Cup and IROC Notes
Congrats to Cory Reinhart for a strong Cup run. Veteran Jim Levan just missed out on Top 5’s in both classes finishing 6th but scored segment wins in both classes. Mark’s IROC win makes it 3 different winners in 3 races. Great run for Dave Fitzgerald coming home 3rd in IROC. Thanks again to Brian Sponagle for the good looking throw back bodies he had on.
Next Week
Modifieds on the 8 lane.


Kisthardt Wins Second Modified Feature of the Season

Veteran T-Jet Racer Bryan Kisthart has been improving each season and this year has become the first two time winner in any division at Randy’s Raceway in the Tyco series.  Kisthart won 4 segments on the moody Tr-Oval.  Mark Williams won a single segment on lane five and scored the runner-up spot and holds onto a slim Points lead this year.  Leighton’s Billy Decker was a solid third after winning three segments.  Fourth spot went to Jim LeVan driving his familiar Mod.  Rounding out the top five was Brian Sponagle in a good ride.  Spoons won 3 segments all on the even lanes.  That was odd.

John Kosmoski won his segment on lane 6 which was his 4th career Modified segment at the Berks group of ovals at Randy’s Raceways.  Cory Reinhard picked off another segment win also and wound up 7th in the field for a good run.  Scott Bender had a steady night coming home 6th.  Don’t forget Racing on Halloween night at Little T’s Speedway in Myerstown.  Racing starts at 4.

Mark Williams Gets First Cup Win

It was the 2nd doubleheader of the year Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway with NASCAR racing up 1st on the challenging Tri-Oval and Mark Williams turned in a sweep on way to his 1st Cup win of the season. Billy Decker ran his Olive Garden #25 to 2 segments wins to continue his strong early season, with a 2nd place finish. Bryan Kisthardt scored a segment win on lane 6 to finish 3rd.Less than 1 lap behind Randy Haydt who scored 2 segment wins to come home 4th.. Jim Levan turned in a steady run to score a 5th place finish.

6th – Brian Sponagle ( 1win ) / 7th Cory Reinhard ( 1win ) / 8th John Kosmoski / 9th Adam Zappacosta / 10th Brian Vanbuskirk


In the action packed night cap featuring AFX Non Magna Traction cars Randy Haydt scored 3 segment wins on way to a close win, his 1st IROC win of the season. Only 19 pieces of track behind Brian Sponagle finished off a good night with 3 segment wins for a solid 2nd place finish. Only 16
pieces of track off the pace Brian Kisthardt scored 3 segment wins to come home 3rd. Trailing Brian by only 15 pieces of track was Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins for a 4th place finish. “BULLDOZER” Billy Decker scored a segment win on lane 5 to round out the Top 5.

6th – Scott Bender / 7th Jim Levan / 8th John Kosmoski / 9th Brian Vanbuskirk / 10th Toby Reinhard.

Good having John Kosmoski back again and scoring 2 8th place finishes. Cory Reinhard had a strong 7th place Cup finish along with a segment win and Adam Z continues to improve scoring a 9th place finish. In IROC racing Brian Sponagle had a good night with a 2nd place IROC finish and 6th in Cup racing. Thanks to Brian K for preparing the IROC cars which were a lot of fun.


Modifieds on the Tri-Oval.

Kisthardt Wins First Modified Feature

Veteran racer Bryan Kisthardt won his first ever career Modified feature at Randy’s Raceway on the first Tri-Oval show of the year. Kisthardt won segments on lanes 2,4,5,6. Mark Williams struggled on lanes 1-3 but recovered winning on 4-6 for a second place. Third spot went to Billy Decker in the Decker Modified. The veteran also won 3 segments on lanes 4-6 and was only 5 pieces of track behind the runner-up. Fourth was Scott Bender who was consistent on all 6 lanes. Rounding out the top 5 was Opening night winner Randy Haydt.

Did you notice-
Not too many boundary issues.
Cory Reinhard won another segment on lane 6.
Lane 6 won 5 of the 12 segments.
We had 5 different segment winners.
Three different drivers have won Modified races this season. No repeat winners yet.
NASCAR and IROC on the grid for next weeks Tri-Oval show.
Good to see Chris Brubaker getting his ride moving and scored a nice 7th this week.
Also good to see John Kosmoski back and he said he plans to race the Tri-Oval shows this season.

Williams Wins Modified Main

Mark Williams scored his first win of the young season this week at Randy’s Raceway.  A good early season field of 15 modifieds was on hand for the second race of the season on the 8 lane track.  Very competitive races prevailed as every segment had side by side battles for the lead and clean racing.  Williams won 5 segments but ended up with a narrow victory over Bryan Kisthardt who won 1 segment but only had a low score of 19.19.  Third spot went to veteran Billy Decker who continues his early season success.  Decker was fast all night winning 3 segments and was on the lead lap every segment except lane one.  Fourth on the night was Big T who won races on lanes 5 and 6.  Rounding out the top five with a good run was Mr. Consistent Scott Bender.  Sixth on the evening was Toby Reinhard winner of 2 segments who scored another good race.  Seventh was Randy Haydt the opening night winner, Randy won 1 segment in his Chucky sponsored car.  Eight spot went to Jim Levan in his familiar modified.  Ninth was the Quallio replica #4 of Brian Sponagle who won 1 segment.  Finishing tenth was Cory Reinhard.

Well security was called to the pits quite a few times as there was a bit of paint exchanging going on out on the track.  No full moon so it was hard to figure out what was going on.  Boundary issues seem to be a non factor this year.  Good to see Brian V, Chris B and Dave F all back in modified action.  Bill Brenner was not in attendance but he should be back racing with us soon.